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Lost Kayaker

Bill H

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We are lacking a certain intensity,

Who remembers Dick Beal? Man that guy was intense. Solo, but very experienced.

Let's start a new thread and let this one go. Good concepts here but they are being lost with all the other stuff.

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Good idea Suz. Hop over to "Bob's Kayak Camp" and people can discuss/reminisce about the old days. If some people feel that energy is missing from the Club then the we perhaps we can re-ignite. Fine with me.


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That workout sounds like one 4* (old BCU) I did with Mark Schoon. Actually, it was very helpful to have someone throwing all sorts of crazy loops at me.

"OK, backpaddle into that slot" (where swells were going up and down 4 feet)

"OK, now you [other paddler] - backpaddle into that slot"

"Now, capsize and wet exit"

(to the other paddler) - "put a tow line on and pull him out while he's hanging onto the kayak..."

(once out..)

"now pretend he has a dislocated shoulder and do the appropriate rescue..."

etc etc....all day long

It was kind of taxing, but by the end of the day, I felt like I'd really gotten some confidence.

It all depends on where you are on your skills, but getting pushed with a good instructor in conditions is one of the best ways to improve. You just have to be able to take criticism and be willing to push yourself in order to learn.

Shawna Franklin had us doing T rescues in swells in about 30 seconds - not bad, and a great idea for cold water.

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