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  • Practice With NSPN

    • NSPN conducts numerous scheduled practice sessions throughout the year
      • Lake practice sessions in the spring and summer
      • Pool practice sessions in the winter
    • In practice sessions, paddlers can work on specific skills
      • on their own
      • with peers
      • under the guidance of someone more knowledgeable
    • Having others around while you practice is good for: 
      • actual instruction
      • spotting, such as a bow rescue after a failed brace or roll
      • observing and giving tips
      • suggesting new things to practice
      • multi-person maneuvers, such as assisted rescues
      • trying other people’s boats
      • for the conviviality, practice sessions have been known to involve more chatting than paddling!

    Watch the NSPN calendar and message board for exact scheduling and, for pool sessions, signup procedures.

  • Pool Practice

    NSPN rents a swimming pool during the winter so members can work on specific skills on their own or with peers. A nice, warm pool is a great place to:
    • Do your first wet exit
    • Learn to brace
    • Learn solo and assisted rescues
    • Work on that roll!

    Pool sessions are open to paid members only and require a fee to cover the cost of renting the pool.

    How to sign up for an NSPN pool session

    To sign up for an NSPN pool session, see the instructions on the message board when the pool sessions are posted – usually around December.

  • Lake Practice

    Lake sessions are open to all paddlers without charge or advance signup.

    On weeknights at several locations, paddlers gather on local lakes for practice sessions. As with pool sessions, people work on:

    • Wet exits and rescues
    • Bracing
    • Rolling
    • Strokes

    Since there’s a lot more room in a lake than a pool, people also work on strokes, all kinds of boat-handling skills, and “stupid kayak tricks”. In keeping with NSPN tradition, there are always other paddlers on hand to act as spotters and help out. Often people try out each other’s kayaks and paddles, and test out new gear.

    Watch the NSPN calendar and message board for current schedules.

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