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  1. No mention of whether they float or not. Might be important to some. Especially the day hatch cover. Ed Lawson
  2. A few thoughts. Although I might well be wrong, my understanding that it is OK for anyone to use any radio on any frequency to seek assistance when life and limb are in jeopardy. I seriously doubt anyone is going to care if you use your VHF handheld for non-emergency comms while you are in Canadian waters or in international waters without the appropriate authorizations. If you want to have your bases covered, obtaining a Restricted Radiotelephone Operators Permit and a portable ship license for the handheld from the FCC should suffice. With regard to device for distress calls Joe's suggestion to consider a Garmin InReach is an excellent one. Can be used anywhere for all kinds of activities and is a versatile device with numerous features besides using it to send a distress call. For kayakers it might even be more reliable than DSC. MMSI numbers are a little complicated and knowing about them is not my day job so take it for what is worth. Technically, MMSI numbers for handheld units are different from numbers issued to vessels. If you are a kayaker, It is important the MMSI number you get is specifically encoded for a handheld unit and for technical legality so you can use it while paddling different kayaks. The FCC issues a ship portable license and MMSI for handheld units that is properly encoded, can be used on multiple vessels, and can be used internationally. Services such as BoatUS issue MMSI numbers for specific vessels which include handheld units to be used only on that vessel. It is my understanding such MMSI numbers are not encoded to be recognized as handheld units. Also, since MMSI numbers not issued by the FCC (say by Boat US) are for domestic use only, the MMSI number and related info is not available to any non domestic CGs or SARs units. In other words if you send a distress call by DSC in Canadian waters, they will not know who or what you are. I do not know if the call would alert them to a distress situation and the GPS location, but assume it would. If not, that could really ruin your day. Ed Lawson
  3. Beautiful pictures, but another side to the storms. Apparently these storms destroyed or caused major damage to @60% of the working waterfronts in Maine. Borders on catastrophic for many in the fishing industry. Along with the fire in Port Clyde last Fall, has not been a good time there. Ed Lawson f
  4. Barb: If you are sitting in the boat without skirt on and lean forward as far as you can with arms outstretched, how far in front of the cockpit rim are your hands? Perhaps the loop needs to be shorter? I dimly recall this issue being a problem for Gail as she is short. It was really only resolved by getting a boat designed for a small person and thus had an appropriate sized cockpit opening. Ed Lawson
  5. George: My $.02 is to send the pictures to Eddyline and ask what adhesive should be used and how it should be repaired. They must have had to deal with similar damage a fair amount over the years and historically have been responsive and helpful to owners. It may look bad, but I suspect it is not a difficult repair given ABS construction. Ed Lawson
  6. I do not live in Maine. I live in the Lakes Region of NH.
  7. "No, they were there, but just eaten by the loons" Indeed. Loons are extremely fierce and aggressive birds when territorial issues arise despite their beautiful vocalizations and apparent placid cruising along behavior. Ed Lawson
  8. Not sure prior commitments can be moved, but definitely looking to be nice day for wandering about the islands on Squam. Paddling there during foliage is a wondrous way to spend a day. Ed Lawson
  9. Second Dan's thoughts. My experience, somewhat limited, is that by lightly coating both surfaces and when tacky position the foam works very well and is durable as in years of use. I used the plain vanilla Weldwood contact cement. Ed Lawson
  10. The keeper's house on Cuckhold's was rebuilt/renovated several years ago to be a luxury B&B. Locally it was a contentious and controversial project which eventually failed. Which was good for paddlers because it is a great stopping place. Ed Lawson
  11. Looking forward to it. Can be a wonderful time of year for tripping. Ed Lawson
  12. I would fall back on on the old standbys 3M 4200 or 5200, but others may well have better advice on that part of the repair. If I understand it correctly, the glob of stuff used to be covering the washer and nut as well as holding the housing in place. I assume there are clips holding the housing in place on the run back to the skeg box so it is not free to move about in any event.
  13. Ricardo: My $.02 is your description suggests the skeg cable is the issue not the housing. The cable should move through the housing with so little resistance that housing movement is minimal if at all. A bend in the cable is all that is needed to result in excess force to deploy the skeg (and it may not deploy at all) causing the housing to move. It takes only a minor bend in cable to cause this. If you can loosened the cable at the control end and pull out the cable on the skeg end just a foot or two I suspect you would find a point where there is a bend instead of a simple curve. Just remove the bend using your hands and problem gone. Bends are easily fixed, but a kink means a cable replacement usually. If it takes some force to pull the skeg down using pliers or a line attached to it, that is a very good indication it is a bent cable. Ed Lawson
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