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  1. FOLKS - The leaves are about to put on their show, the air is getting nippy at night and the AUTUMN GALES are finally just around the corner. Come and learn and challenge yourself to a day with Keirron Tastagh or Harry Whelan....they're doing stuff with boats that most of us only aspire to doing. Pete Jones with his endlessly deep bag of coaching tools, tricks and tips....Eila Wilkinson with her keen, well traveled eye...these are the real deal/been there, done that lads (and lassy's) and none of us should miss time on the water with them. The Gales are nearly upon us...what're YOU going to do?
  2. we'll see...i think being about as flexible as a canned ham will have more to do with it than much else....
  3. for the first time in my life...i opened my eyes underwater while performing a role. contact lenses had previously prevented me from doing that but now after the cataract surgeries, there are NO contact lenses....so THAT'S what the surface of the water looks like from down there...huh...i had no idea.
  4. ...and on a, oooh, boy, don't do that note.... ...it's been a busy summer at work so i haven't paddled nearly as much as i have in years past....this weekend i put the vest mounted short tow onto a bow to pull a raft during a rescue...only to find that last year when i put this thing up, i DID NOT in fact have a daisy chain in that line that would allow it to cleanly play out and give me room to manuver boats....nope, i had clipped into the system in rough moving water with a line that put the raft RIGHT BEHIND my waist and THAT, also in fact, was bad..... so...one dunk in the water later i unclipped myself from the raft and i fixed the gear. ....sooo, while we all say it and we all mean to do it, it's probably an outstanding idea to check your gear...everytime.
  5. Spent the weekend with Greg and Kayak Waveology teaching and paddling over along the tip of the N fork of Long Island. Despite the strange customs (they like the yankees?) and language (which seems to be english adjacent), the paddling was outstanding and the company, paddlers fantastic. The Flood and Ebb work between Orient Point and Plum Island (and no, you still cannot land there - they WILL arrest you) and if you've got any wind or sell working against it, it is MORE than enough to keep any thrill seekers in check. We primarily worked between the point and orient point lighthouse (which is tipped at a bit of a jaunty angle) and the current and waves working through there were fine for what we were doing....off in the distance between the lighthouse and Plum we could see some seriously large stuff working but that was too far, too powerful and too much for reasonable people to be fiddling around in.... you can take the LONG way round and drive OR take the ferry from New London....there IS a campground on E end about 15 minutes from the ferry/put in - no ocean access there though so you'll either have to take your car or sort out the logistics of moving boat and kit to campground. it's a blast but can be a sketchy place to paddle - lotsa very fast water pushing you towards a busy channels and a lotta boats....behave accordingly. but go....it's fun as hell
  6. 10 YEARS! 10! Greg Paquin (and NSPN's own Paula Riegel) at Kayak Waveology is having the 10th annual AUTUMN GALES off of Fishers Island sound this November! 10! THAT has to be some kind of regional record for annual symposia, yah? Clearly he's doing something right. For 10 years, the AUTUMN GALES has gathered paddlers with world class coaches and local guides down in Stonington Borough CT for a weekend of paddling and instruction in the reefs and races of Fishers Island Sound. 10 years of instruction, learning, fun, sun and saltwater. 10 years of some amazing paddlers and scenes...watching Harry Whelan put on a peerless tutorial on surfing a long boat....Barry Shaw one year surfing and just PLANTING the front end, doing a pirouette and then paddling out through the surf again to avoid a directionless paddler down wave (and after 10 years, I still can't believe he was so timely or elegant)...seeing a couple really humdinger waves coming over and through Wicopesset reef one year with so many boats spread out and watching a buzz lightyear clad Jon Tobiassen going up, up, up and others yelping in unmitigated JOY (looking at you smiley Genn Gatan). 10 years of briny Gales memories...visceral, vivid, lasting memories, etched in salt. I wouldn't trade them for anything. What are you waiting for? As ever, the Stonington Portuguese Holy Ghost Society has their Fry-day night fish fry....and this year, there's a band! Dance, sing, carouse....but come Saturday morning, we're on the water! Paddle knackered my friends. Come. Learn and push a boundary. Dance. Sing. Tell and hear a story or two and enjoy the quintessential New England village of Stonington Borough, CT. http://www.autumngales.com/
  7. 11 AM Service - Bedford Center Cemetery, Friday the 6th. http://www.bedfordcemeteries.org/CemeteryLocator.asp?Identifier=12
  8. I was just contacted by a friend...... Most of you probably do not know Jed Luby. James Edward Luby III Jed was instrumental at the nascent stages of the club and loved the sport and applied an intellectual and analytical passion that was something to see....you think you understand something and Jed would be over there parsing it 72 ways to Sunday. He was instrumental in my development as a paddler...HE made me want to be much, much better...and introduced me to the BCU and to lifelong friends and to a path that I've enjoyed everyday. He had a similar impact on a lot of people. It is with the heaviest of hearts and through tears that I tell you that Jed Luby has passed away. I will post more information regarding services, etc., as they develop. For know...I rejoice in having known him and think about the void his absence leaves....like a ship moving through fog....you may not see it, but you sense it and see the swirls and eddies and deal with impact of the wake. Even on fringes....he left big ripples in the pond. You'll be missed Jethro.
  9. i will still not be carrying an ID to show the CG. statute is below....white light to be used in sufficient time to avoid collision.... § 83.25 Sailing vessels underway and vessels under oars (Rule 25). (a) A sailing vessel underway shall exhibit: (i) Sidelights; and (ii) A sternlight. (b) In a sailing vessel of less than 20 meters in length the lights prescribed in paragraph (a) of this Rule may be combined in one lantern carried at or near the top of the mast where it can best be seen. (c) A sailing vessel underway may, in addition to the lights prescribed in paragraph (a) of this Rule, exhibit at or near the top of the mast, where they can best be seen, two all-round lights in a vertical line, the upper being red and the lower green, but these lights shall not be exhibited in conjunction with the combined lantern permitted by paragraph (b) of this Rule. (d) (i) A sailing vessel of less than 7 meters in length shall, if practicable, exhibit the lights prescribed in paragraph (a) or (b) of this Rule, but if she does not, she shall exhibit an all-round white light or have ready at hand an electric torch or lighted lantern showing a white light which shall be exhibited in sufficient time to prevent collision. (ii) A vessel under oars may exhibit the lights prescribed in this Rule for sailing vessels, but if she does not, she shall exhibit an all-round white light or have ready at hand an electric torch or lighted lantern showing a white light which shall be exhibited in sufficient time to prevent collision. (e) A vessel proceeding under sail when also being propelled by machinery shall exhibit forward, where it can best be seen, a conical shape, apex downward. A vessel of less than 12 meters in length is not required to exhibit this shape, but may do so.
  10. Once again Greg Paquin and Kayak Waveology is bringing the Autumn Gales Symposium to the quaint and lovely town of Stonington Borough, CT. This years extravaganza is Oct 20-22nd. In it's 9th year, the event has grown and solidified itself as one of the premier training events of the year along the east coast and this year is no different....venues and coaching staff are phenomenal. Join Nigel Dennis, Eila Wilkinson, Harry Whelan, Pete Jones, Greg Paquin, Paula Riegel and assorted others as they shepherd you about the lively waters off of Stonington Borough from one end of the Race to another. Great friendly people, keyed in coaches, lively water and one of the most picturesque little hamlets you can imagine....don't miss it. http://www.autumngales.com/
  11. tarpon creek sugarloaf key fla....mangrove cut between the gulf / atlantic side....hundred and hundreds of thousands of small fish and critters in among the mangrove roots, clear, moving water, warm...roll over, watch em all and roll back up or just hope in, tether off and move along in the current.....amazing.
  12. audi allroad...low, long roofline. plenty of room for stuff. quattro and snows are an unbeatable combo come winter. fun to drive....huge sunroof.
  13. i can help as needed with the on-water stuff. just send me an email. as phil pointed out, reasonable is a big ask.
  14. for those paddling on these waters... http://www.seacoastonline.com/news/20161207/york-paddlecraft-fee-draws-ire-of-locals
  15. Looking forward to helping out and seeing folks at this event! If you need or want to try a drysuit and haven't before...come. Pipe up to Michael over there and a suit shall appear for you to try as if by magic...or suze....definitely one or the other. ...AND there is a delightful wood stove burning in that shop so no one has to get or stay cold! See you Saturday! http://newburykayak.com/event/cold-water-workshop/
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