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  • NSPN Participant Agreement

    NSPN requires a signed participant agreement for each person participating in any activity that is posted to the club membership or placed on the club calendar. These include all ocean paddles, camping trips, and pond sessions.  We use an online agreement, signed once for the entire season.  Click here to read and sign the Participant Agreement.  If you need to change or update something on your agreement, just file a new one.

    About the Agreement

    Why are we doing this?
    Signed agreements help protect everyone on the trip (trip organizers, leaders, participants and the club) from legal liability in the case of an injury or accident. They ensure that everyone understands the risks inherent in sea kayaking, and emphasize the fact that each paddler is responsible for their own safety while on the water.

    I’m going on a trip. What do I need to do?
    Start by reading, understanding, and signing the NSPN participant agreement, available at the link above.  Again, you don’t need to sign for each trip; once is good for the season.

    Before each trip, the trip organizer will ask you to add your vehicle, boat, and emergency contact details to a float plan either by email or at the launch prior to the beach briefing.

    I’m organizing a trip. What do I need to do?
    If you are a trip leader or organizer, you should confirm that everyone has signed the participant agreement and you should collect float plan info. Carry the float plan with you on the trip – you may need it!  Make sure someone on shore also has the float plan. If something does happen on your trip, fill out an incident report as soon as possible.

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