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  1. If my broken rib has healed by then I'll be happy to attend.
  2. Subaru Impreza or better, Subaru CrossTrack, Low roof line, adequate bar spread. All wheel drive and moderate roominess for gear. I drive a MINI Cooper S and make do. Recently bought a two piece GP, so that should help!
  3. With 14 more inches being predicted nor'easter your post is most welcome about now.
  4. Happy New Year to all. I won't be joining you tomorrow. However if anyone wants to paddle Monday around Portsmouth send me a PM and we can plan something.
  5. Given the conditions I prefer Odiorne. Plenty of protected spots to paddle and plenty of bail outs.
  6. I've ordered the 215 Akiak in Wasabi Green for the sale price. I wonder if my doing business with Taiwan threatens our US one China policy?
  7. Just finished, Little Ship of Fools by Charles Wilkins. Subtitled: 16 rowers, i improbable boat, 7 tumultuous weeks on the Atlantic. It's not kayaking but it has all of the thrills and fears that paddling on the open ocean can invoke. If you have ever or frequently been outside your comfort zone on the ocean you will enjoy this book.
  8. I've usually paddled with a shouldered GP. Gear has a new model which is shoulderless. Any experience with this paddle you'd like to share? Can you maintain the correct cant of the blade as easily with the shoulderless design? http://www.gearlabpaddles.com/shop.php?cID=2&Key=9
  9. I wish I were there and in reading Peter and Pru's recollections I could only think of how wonderful it was for you all and how sad for all of us who weren't there. If Shakespeare had something to say about this he might have said the following:We few, we happy few, we band of brothers and sisters;For they to-day that Paddles with usShall be our siblings; be they ne'er so vile,This day shall gentle their conditions:And gentlefolk in Massachussetts now a-bedShall think themselves accursed they were not here,And hold their humanity cheap whiles any speaksThat paddled with us upon this week past Labor day.
  10. Pru, While I'm interested I have a suggestion: NOAA marine forecast is for strong wind and gusts from the NE. If this remains true I'd prefer putting in at the Rye Marina and paddling NE to Odiorne against the wind with return trip getting a push from same. Gene
  11. One of Edith Piaf's most popular song : je ne regrette rien But I do regret not joining you this year-have a great weekend.
  12. Ditto from me too Rob. Great day and a lot to reflect about for my next group paddle.
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