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General interest in renting out AMC's Knubble Bay Cabin in Georgetown, ME?

Dan Foster

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AMC has a drive-up, waterfront cabin in Georgetown, ME, with access to the Sasanoa River.  https://amckbc.org

The cabin has a kitchen and indoor bathroom, sleeps 10 inside (mainly in a common bunkroom), and has lots of tent space for those who prefer the outdoors.

I've never been, but have always wanted to check it out, and we've discussed running a club trip there in the past. The maximum rental capacity is 15 people (includes tenters), but I'd feel more comfortable with a group of 6-8. Pricing with 6 people would be about $80 each ($40 per night) for a two-night stay in May or June, and closer to $100 total in July-October. Slightly cheaper per person the more people you add.

This is just a general feeler to see if there's interest in trying to reserve the cabin at some point this season. Reservations open up in the next week or so. A Friday evening-Sunday afternoon stay would give a group the option to circumnavigate Georgetown Island on Saturday, which would be mean picking specific dates to hit the right tide cycle. I'm not necessarily interested in doing the circumnav, but I'd certainly try to reserve the dates that made that option viable.

If you're interested, speak up, and let's see if it's worth pursuing. Even if you're not interested, there's a good trip planning challenge here, which is to figure out the ideal rental weekend for a circumnav.

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I’d be interested in this trip if the timing works out. 

from a planning perspective I think the key to the circumnav (if starting from knubble) is to go CCW so that one is descending the Kennebec on the ebb which is lots of fun. That means making it up through Hell Gate on the flood (or at least the early ebb) in the morning before going up the Sasanoa and entering the Kennebec at Bath. Then you need the flood in goose rocks passage to start early enough that you’re not fighting it to get back into knubble bay  

I used floatingtrails to discover a couple of weekends that work. See this links: Sat. 5/13 is nice with a good strong ebb. Early start required to avoid ebb in Lower Hell (slack ~7 am) although one can go up the channel to the west of it; Sunday would be more forgiving. Weekends of 8/26 and 9/9 work well but Kennebec ebb only about 70% compared with the earlier date. Lower Hell slack around 8 or 8:30 am those days. 

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I was there in 2011, so conditions may have changed.  At that time the indoor bathroom had a composting toilet, and the bathroom sink drained into a bucket that needed frequent dumping.  If you brought your own solar shower you could use the outdoor shower stalls.  The outdoor shower stalls did not have running water.

The only "conditions" were the tide races.  The group I was with scheduled their paddles to traverse the races during slack, so I have not paddled those races when they were running.

Have fun.  I'm not personally very interested in places without hot showers.

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It is a nice place with good kitchen and meeting area on first floor with sleeping upstairs.  As Bill says there is no running water nor is there electricity.  I have been told that the Back River is a nice way to do the circumnav of Georgetown as small and scenic compared to Sasanoa.  Also easy enough to visit islands in Sheepscott, Boothbay Harbor, Burnt I. or down along Southport I. to the Cuckholds.  So several areas for nice touring and potential of play as well.  Think Dan is right that it would make a great club trip that would appeal to paddlers of all levels.

Ed Lawson

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I  had always thought the AMC cabin could be a great place for an NSPN workshop or trip or even longer (eg. 5 day) retreat. Years ago, the NSPN  Board bandied about ideas for some kind of yearly grand NSPN event, and a week at AMC Knubble Bay was one idea, a potentially good place for a variety of kayak action, anything from a simple trip to club skills training to workshops including invited instructors.   
   Georgetown circumnavigation is pretty awesome, one of the great Maine coast trips. So varied , and everything (open coastline, Popham, Kennebec River , Back River  marshlands Hell's Gate  etc) is splendid!  : could be done either CW or CCW,: the crux point is the top of Georgetown Island, where there's a section at the top of the Back River (where it meets Hockamock Bay) which must be  traversed close to high tide, both to avoid a little stretch that runs dry for a some  time ( a few hours?) , and to be positioned to catch the flood or the ebb, depending  on on which direction you're going.   If CW,  that area would want to be reached late in the day, if CCW, early in the day.  I've done the Georgetown circumnavigation several times, both directions: either way is a wonderful trip, the best of midcoast Maine.
   Yes, I'd be interested in an NSPN /AMC  KNB outing under some circumstances. As long as it's not in June/early July: Georgetown island is notorious for mosquitoes! The place has a good group kitchen which lends itself to high quality group meals.  I'm sorry to hear about the lack of  showers: I was there for a chunk of time years ago  and honestly can't remember that: I vaguely remember showering there, but that was a while ago and  I  may be totally wrong...   

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Webster's Dictionary defines a weekend at Knubble Bay Camp as 3PM on Friday until 11AM on Sunday. I've confirmed that it's not a problem to check out of the cabin by 11AM but leave cars there until late afternoon to allow for a second full day of paddling on Sunday. More details from About Knubble Bay Camp (amckbc.org) are quoted below.


Regarding the dates Joe suggested as working well for a circumnav:

5/13 - I've got a potential conflict that day, but if it's the group preference, I may be persuaded.

8/26 - this is my preferred weekend

9/6 - several of us are going up to MDI a few days later, so I wouldn't attend on this weekend.


When discussing a circumnav, there are actually two possible circumnavigations that could be done. There's the full circumnavigation of both Georgetown and Arrowsic, which involves going all the way up to Bath, and there's the shorter route around just Georgetown which cuts down (or up) the Back River dividing Georgetown and Arrowsic. 


Arrival/Departure: Enter KBC at 3 pm on your first day, and leave by 11 am on your last. Parking: Please park on the left-hand side. Beal Island renters will park on the right, so don’t block anyone in. Key: AMC’s Contact Service Center (603-466-2727) will give you the key lock code upon registration. Please make sure the key is returned to the box when you depart.

Utilities/Furnishings/Supplies: • Solar lights, wood stove, composting toilet, outside hand pumps for potable water • Beds/futons for up to 15 people • Large tables, seating, games, reading materials for all ages • Propane-powered stove, oven, refrigerator • Kitchen (with dishpans, strainer, water containers) and bathroom sink • Dustpans and brooms, Swiffer floor mop, cleaner and pads • Hand sanitizer in the bathroom • Outdoor sun shower stall (bring your own sun shower)

NOT Supplied: • Electricity, wi-fi, running water, bedding • Dish detergent, sponges, dish towels, cleaning supplies for surfaces, toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags • Food storage materials, condiments

Please don’t: • Have more than 15 people (fire code rule) • Bring pets of any kind • Use candles or kerosene/gas lanterns • Build outdoor fires on beach or premises • Use the KBC outhouses for anything but urination (we are trying to extend their useful life)

EMERGENCY: Call 9-1-1

At the end of your stay . . . Renters clean the cabin before leaving. We have operated this way for 50 years, and it has worked well to assure incoming renters come to a clean facility. • Clean all surfaces, toilet, sinks, refrigerator, stove • Sweep and Swiffer floors (Swiffer supplies available in storage closet) • Lock all windows and doors • Turn out all lights • Empty wood stove of ashes • Make logical sense of kitchenware • Fill all water containers stored in kitchen PLEASE LEAVE NOTHING BEHIND, INCLUDING TRASH, FOOD, DISH DETERGENT, SOAP, PAPER GOODS

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Yes, OK to stay all day on Sunday after 11AM checkout
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Overall interested, I could consider the weekend of 5/13 and would be very interested in 8/26.  I have stayed at the cabin at least once and many times attended workshops there.  Can’t add much to what has already been said.  The one time I did Georgetown circumnav. It was clockwise, launching from 5 Islands.  






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I've been told Knubble Bay reservations will be accepted starting January 26th. It's slightly cheaper to have an AMC member make the reservation. I'm going to try to reserve KBC for the 8/26-8/28 weekend. If someone else decides to go after 5/13 for an early-season trip or some alternate date, please let me know.

A bunch of you expressed interest above "if the timing works". The timing has now been proposed. I'll be fronting $600 to get the 8/26-8/28 reservation, so hearing a few more "yeah, I'm probably in for that weekend" before Thursday would be nice. Non-binding until the reservation is confirmed, details are fleshed out, and money is exchanged, but you'll have first dibs on a spot.

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Dan, I think it is high time I made the effort to get out on a weekend (restaurant work means I'm always tied up).  Hence...very interested.

The club <has> had a weekend (or two?) up there; but it was long ago.  Lovely place to stay and, as said elsewhere, there are plenty of interesting options.  Seguin is a fun trip; but isn't that quite a drive from the Knubble Bay place?

The other trip I have never managed to join is the now-annual MDI sojourn...let's see...


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20 hours ago, Sue H. said:

Another thing to consider is the parking, the lot will not accommodate a huge number of cars.  I'm not sure how many, I'll ask someone who should know.

Sue, if the trip is being kept to 8 people, shouldn,t be a problem.  I've been there with more cars than that.

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