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  1. Hope you can make it sometime. I intentionally started a bit earlier to beat some of traffic and also so we get off water earlier for drive home.
  2. The submitted form isn,t sending confirmation to my email. Is that intentional?
  3. Three spots still open for WLP. Get 'em while they're hot! Prudence
  4. Excellent! Maybe we can get you all the way around Cape Ann by the end of the summer!
  5. WLP 6/12 Pavilion Beqch Gloucester aka Greasy Pole Conditions look lovely for this second WLP of the season. My thought is launching from Pavilion Beach and heading south out of Gloucester Harbor as far as we want to go before turning back. Forecast for now has low winds and calm seas. Please sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfHXlJXjy1gs5ikE3f51oE28XzLTSyfo5j_O8exHaAal9Xu0g/viewform?usp=sf_link We will meet at Pavilion Beach (free parking in small lot or on the street) at 9:00 am for 9:30 launch. As with all WLP's, this is not a led or guided trip. We are all responsible for each other. Requirements: kayak with bulkheads and deck lines and you with PFDS and spray skirt. If any questions, you can PM me, and feel free to indicate your interest/that you're going, on this thread - it encourages other people! But you still have to sign up above! Prudence
  6. The Braveboat crew (Dan, Bill D, Sandra and I) had a delightful paddle up the coast. It was particularly fun to find a fairly lively tide race fully developed across most of the mouth into Braveboat. I had never seen one there before. We just had hit a good combo of outgoing tide and incoming wind. On the way back, conditions became a bit more bouncy. Fun! We landed on the Piscataqua side of Ft Stark, thinking it would be a shorter carry. It actually wasn't and next time I'd go around for the less rocky/seaweedy beach landing on the Little Harbor side. A really nice day! Thanks to all!
  7. Jump on in, Dana. Just be sure and do the form!
  8. I'm doing WLP on Wed, but may want to join your Tuesday group. Could you pls include me in group thread. Thx. Prudence
  9. We can be off the water whenever folks want. 2-3ish is usually the goal. Looking forward to seeing you…and everyone!
  10. WLP June 5 Lane's Cove Conditions looking just fine for a paddle out of Lane's Cove in Gloucester this Wednesday. Please sign up here: https://forms.gle/bDMTfa3nmoUCK94c8 We will meet at the state parking lot at 9:30 for a 10:00 am launch. We'll decide as a group whether to head right or left out of the cove. As with all WLP's, this trip is a cooperative venture to which everyone will contribute. It is not a led trip. If you have questions about whether this paddle is right for you, please reach out to me. While the days have been getting rather toasty, the water is still chilly, so dress approrpiately. And also as with all WLP's, all participants are required to wear pfd's and spray skirts (and we recommend helmets for anyone wanting to play in rocks). Boats must have bulkheads and decklines. Looking forward to getting Wednesday Lunch Paddles 2024 underway! Prudence
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