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  1. Lands End told me this spring that they do not allow overnight parking anymore (although I did get permission there last fall). Cribstone Bridge - I believe will charge $10 per night, talk to Alison at the Salt Cod Cafe. She is very nice. We used this in May and it worked well. It is quite busy there this time of year, so do call ahead. East End Beach - parking is on street if overnight parking Bug Light - Fee parking, reasonable, but can't remember what it is, good option Falmouth - might not get a spot in the lot so may need to use street parking Winslow Park is another option in Freeport. It was $10 per night last fall. An advantage is that you can camp there (for a fee, but reasonable) the night before. Dolphin Marina - yes, I very much also get the sense they no longer want to deal with kayakers. They are busy with bigger spenders. (Plus I think we tend to leave sand and salt water on the bathroom floors.)
  2. I am interested in the trip. I have done it once before.
  3. That sounds great! But personally I can't hold on to a camera and paddle in challenging conditions at the same time. I totally admire those that can!
  4. I was lucky enough to paddle out there once before and was able to spend some time on Star Island. I am very intrigued by the story of the Smuttynose murders and would like to be able to walk around that island sometime, so I am interested.
  5. Many working class members work weekends, holidays, evenings, and/or overnights and therefore might have some days off during the week. It's nice to see some things offered on different days or at different times for those who do not have the advantage of working regular weekday daytime hours.
  6. I saw those signs in Jeff's photo and thought that they were just for the parking spots closest to the water that did not belong to Maine Kayak. I thought that they may have been put there to distinguish the Maine Kayak spots from the Marina spots. I didn't notice any similar signs in the back area of the same lot, which also seemed to belong to the Marina. It does seem that being real clear on the cost with Muscongus Marina is a good idea. (Jeff - wasn't the parking fee a little bit funky? Per person rather than per vehicle?) It is a handy location and not as busy as Round Pond can get.
  7. I remember thinking Monroe was nice. I have only ever picnicked there though. I vaguely remember ticks, but also believe that ticks are down a bit this year. From what I have seen so far, island camping is up this season, at least on some of the islands in Muscongus and Casco Bay. The coming of fall should bring a decline in numbers however. Also arriving as early as possible during the day and picking a weekday if you can might be beneficial.
  8. I have had two Stohlquist. One lasted about 6 years. When I contacted Stohlquist they said it was beyond the lifespan. The second - a Stohlquist Amp - was leaking in less than a year. Even the store I purchased it from had trouble reaching Stohlquist customer service. That whole process of contacting the store and finally hearing what to do took about a month. Eventually I was instructed by Stohlquist to send it to a dive suit shop for testing. After they had it for 2 1/2 months I got in touch with Stohlquist again to find out what happened to it. They investigated and said it was tested and did not leak. It was sent back. I have worn it a few more times. It does leak. Some people have given Stohlquist good reviews. Quite a few people have had trouble with leaky suits. I think it would make a good splash suit. If you plan to be in the water practicing rescues or really want to stay dry if you have a real incident and end up in the water, I would advise staying away from Stohlquist. I now have a Kokatat. As an aside, The Kokatat does not fit me as well. Even with having the legs shortened 2 inches, I still swim in it as they will not shorten the torso. But - I am dry!
  9. More trip photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/AB7TH6CRGMkA4yUQ7
  10. So I can show you videos of my grandkids? Just kidding. I will spare you. But there is this funny one....
  11. Great info! Love this. I want to see more!
  12. I think that all states still have some limitations. My understanding is that New Hampshire state owned campgrounds are open to NH residents only and that commercial campgrounds in NH can only serve residents and those with season passes/leases. I am not clear on how long these restrictions last. From what I have read, NH is a bit worried about Massachusetts visitors but the governor is basing decisions on what he believes will hold up in court. It seems that a lot of states are wary of encouraging travel and moving around. I am not sure when camping and lodging will be available to out of state visitors in the rest of New England. Most states have initiated or requested a 14 day quarantine for out of state arrivals at some point. On March 27, Massachusetts required a 14 day self quarantine for travelers from out of state, and on March 28 New Hampshire requested that out of state travelers follow a voluntary 14 day self quarantine. Maine announced the requirement on April 3. I am not sure when NH and MA are lifting the 14 day quarantine. I thought it was expected at least until the end of this month, but maybe someone can fill me in on that. Maine may be slower to welcome short term visitors but is not the only state concerned about travel. It is true that the self quarantine requirements are not easy to enforce. It seems to be based on the honor system. I guess it also depends on how assertive individual businesses decide to be, and maybe here and there how assertive the locals decide to be. There are plenty of out of state cars in Maine right now and for the most part we can't tell who has been here a while and who has not, once all the gear is unloaded anyway. I am not saying what is right or wrong and I can see that there can be some variations in interpretation. I know that it is frustrating for everyone. Hang in there. We will be kayaking and camping together again.
  13. Here is some info: https://www.maine.gov/dacf/parks/water_activities/aww-river-conditions.shtml https://www.pressherald.com/2020/04/29/maines-most-popular-parks-to-remain-closed/
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