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Zoom event-"Sea kayaking the World" with Justine Curgenven, Wed., Nov. 9 @ 7pm

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Please join us for this late fall Zoom event, presented by internationally-renowned explorer and film maker (cackletv.com) Justine Curgenven, as she recounts her experiences sea kayaking around the globe.

“Sea Kayaking the World” contains highlights of kayaking expeditions on 6 continents over the last 20 years. From Russia to Iceland & New Zealand to the Aleutian islands, Justine tells hilarious stories of her early mistakes, near misses and wildlife encounters. Her bubbly enthusiasm is contagious and her honest vulnerability makes you feel like that thing you’ve been secretly dreaming about could be a reality. Justine is driven by a desire to explore as much as possible of this fascinating world and the people who share it. She loves being the engine on her journeys and going to sleep with nothing but a few millimetres of canvas between her and all that nature has to offer. She hopes to share those passions with you.

To sign up for this much-anticipated talk, RSVP here.  A link to the presentation is on the Members-only "NSPN Business" forum.  If you don't see that forum, make sure you're a current paid member.


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