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Nutrition for Sea Kayakers, presented by Dan Carr via NSPN Zoom


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To participate in this zoom event 2/15/23 at 7:00 pm, click this link (https://mit.zoom.us/j/94956743497).

Dan states:  "This talk reflects my personal exploration of food and hydration planning for kayak tripping which was conducted over about a six-year period.  Given some unpleasant experiences with multi-day paddle trips, I systematically looked at the energy demands of sea kayaking and nutritional information for typical foods that I took on trips.  On those findings, I researched food supplements that would increase the nutritional value of my adventure foods and not detract from the culinary experience. "

The result of this research is some simple practices that can help you be better fueled and:

  • Improve your athletic and cognitive performance.

  • Improve your sleep.

  • Limit injury and illness; and

  • Help your body recover more quickly from those big challenging days.

I have found that application of these practices has made my subsequent trip experiences more rewarding and fun.  After all fun is what is important!

My presentation will provide:

1) a summary of published information on energy demands of paddling and the findings of several years monitoring energy burn rates with a sports watch, that supported the published information.

2) I will review nutritional guidelines and application of the guidelines to meal planning.  

3) I provide a summary of food supplements that can be used to increase the caloric content, and the content of fat and protein, which are deficient in most dehydrated foods.  

4)  Finally, I will review a listing of food items for on the fly fueling to supplement your three-meal day. 

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