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  1. Interested and following!
  2. I’m planning to launch from Mere for Jewel Island, and would like to return probably a little later in the day on Tuesday unless the weather is dreary.
  3. Hey Alex do you still have these for sale?
  4. Save them from the recycling bin! Several dozen at least….
  5. Hi Nancy, if you still have it I would like one pair of the new x-Span pants please if they fit me. I think they would? I have to try them on but I think they might work. Beth
  6. Hi Dana, do you still have these?
  7. Wow, what a great trip! I'm sorry that I wasn't able to join you, but I am certainly feeling inspired to go there soon.
  8. I think you can still get the original Pliobond adhesive glue. Just make sure it doesn’t say “low voc” on the label. I agree that low voc stuff is useless (and smells even worse!)
  9. Where are people going these days to get repairs done on their kayaks (if like me they are too clueless/lazy to do it themselves). Nothing too fancy, I just need a fiberglass keel strip installed and a skeg and cable (and possibly the cable casing ) replaced. Is Carl Ladd still in this business ? I know he sold Osprey a while back. Suggestions? Update, it sounds like Carl Ladd is still in business, Yay!
  10. I agree with the sewn patch and aqua seal approach. I have used it myself. It is a little easier to do if you use an adhesive nylon fabric patch, (Not tenacious tape ) one patch stuck from inside and one on the outside, then sew around the edges, and finally aquaseal the stitches on each side. The patch will outlast the sprayskirt!
  11. Warm fuzzy synthetic pile lined wind and waterproof/breathable changing robe, great for kayaking, surfing, swimming, etc. It's big enough for a medium sized person to change inside of. Here's the website https://changerobe.com/product/eco-ultra-long-sleeve It's the size Med in Amethyst/Black long sleeves. Comes with a carrying bag to stuff it into. Brand new, I just don't need it because I already have one! And they are really nice to have I might add... Contact me at 781 526 6985 or beth.sangree@gmail.com
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