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    Year-round sea kayaking, fishing, boating, cycling, making art

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  1. This sounds great Joe. Please add me to the guest list.
  2. I should add to my note. You can sleep in the bunkroom on the second floor or tent outside on the grounds. Fifteen people is manageable but folks should carpool as there can be cars from people camping on Beal island at the site.
  3. Dan, I am newly on the AMC-KBC Committee and I am pretty sure you can make a reservation now. There was a KBC committee member post stating reservations had been made for the Lobster Weekend they have. Bottom line don't wait, the weekends fill up fast and reservations are rebounding from the COVID period. It is a very nice location and the SunShower stall will make your day. The stairs to the beach have just been rebuilt and widened to 48" making them safer. There is a handrail on one side but a ramp has not been added. I think it will make a great club activity location.
  4. I am happy to test and attend as well. I will post what I am bringing once I have a chance to look into it.
  5. Thank you Rob for your service to the club, and some of the best training experiences of my paddling life!
  6. Watch Facebook Market Place too. There is a lot of sleaze on there.
  7. I would like to brush up on my roll. Is anyone available for one or two sessions to support that request? Doug Cooke
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