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  1. That's for organizing this Dan. Yes to REI event yes to Jewell. I have Casco Bay Maptech chart #73. I don't know which pod/launch site yet. I can go on Friday, back on Sunday. I hope to attend the Solstice paddle. I have Maptech chart Marblehead to Cape Ann #84 sadly I work Wednesdays and can't make the lunch paddles yes to dinner, prefer restaurant unless it's gorgeous out and the mosquitoes are few. Janice
  2. I'll be there and will bring a vegetarian hot dish. Janice
  3. jmcotton

    NSPN Lake Umbagog #2, Oct 5-8, 2018

    It looks like it was a great trip. Gorgeous foliage and I'm sure gourmet food and great camaraderie around a roaring fire. Next year!
  4. jmcotton

    Squam Lake, Oct 19-21, 2018

    It looked like a great trip! The kayak camping trips are up there for my favorite parts of NSPN too, Dan. I couldn't make these two or Saddleback this year but I'm counting on next year! Janice
  5. jmcotton

    More NSPN stars!

    Congratulations Janet!
  6. jmcotton

    Saturday, September 1 - Lanes Cove to Rockport

    I'm a maybe! I'd love to paddle but have to double check another commitment. Janice
  7. jmcotton

    Bold Coast/Cobscook/Campobello Paddle 2018

    Impressive well planned trip and very enjoyable trip report! Thanks for the detailed sharing! Janice
  8. Thanks Pru for a wonderful trip report and all the photos. I'm getting a late start to my day off due to sitting reading it all...but worth every minute! Janice
  9. It sounds like a wonderful trip! Nice trip report and pictures. Next year! I was disappointed I could not make it this year. Janice
  10. jmcotton

    Odiorne Point - Monday, July 9

    Looks like a fun paddle! Great to see trips posted! Yes, you've officially caught the kayaking bug, Sue! Janice
  11. jmcotton

    4th Annual Saddleback I. retreat, July 13-16

    I wish I could go but I'll be away at a family reunion. This is my favorite place to paddle and always a great group. Someone should grab the openings! Janice
  12. jmcotton

    Cape Ann Paddle 6/30/18

    That's an interesting app, Jim. Does it work with the iPhone if you don't have an Apple Watch? It said something about using battery life even if the app is not open. Do you find that? There is a considerable discrepancy between Joe's mileage (8+) versus the apps mileage (11+). Oh, and thanks Liz for all your local knowledge! That was great!
  13. jmcotton

    Cape Ann Paddle 6/30/18

    Thanks for organizing and leading the trip Joe. It was a really fun time with a great mix of paddlers. You did an amazing job of keeping all 13 of us together with all the boat activity! Great day. Thanks Janice
  14. jmcotton

    Sat June 30 Cape Ann Paddle - All Welcome

    I plan to be there. Janice