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  1. Yes, there was an extra “about” - easy to miss.
  2. Thanks for the flyer, Gary. I sent it to our library that has a weekly email blast on “Things to do in and around town” and they’ll put it in the next posting. I also sent it to all staff at my work and several clinicians are enthusiastic about it and plan to attend. There is a minor typo in the flyer …anyway to correct it? Thanks, Janice
  3. Count me in! I don’t work on Fridays so Thursday night works for me. Janice
  4. Looks like a beautiful day/evening for Chebacco. I’ll be there tonight.
  5. Count me in if the weather is good for a full moon paddle! Janice
  6. I’ll be there tonight but not until 5:30 +. Looks like great weather for it Janice
  7. Michael, no, I did not buy your tent...I didn't see it for sale. I agree with everyone's advice that a down sleeping bag and insulating mat would be the best solution, rather than buying a warmer tent. Christopher, why would I want an "army olive drab" anything to cover up my ugly slate grey sleeping bag! I'm sure it's a great buy but I'm good without olive drab!
  8. Following everyone's advice getting a new down sleeping bag and a new mat seemed to be the best option. I looked at reviews on both and decided on the REI Magma 15 women's sleeping bag as it was near the top of the reviews, a little cheaper and I could use the 20% off coupon and my dividend, which helped some! It's 850 fill goose down and rated at 17 degrees, though it's an ugly slate grey. At least the inside isn't grey and it has a neck "wrap" to prevent the cold air coming in. You can't have everything! I found a great deal on Backcountry on the Sea to Summit Ether Light XT insulated mat women's regular so I ordered that too. It was also rated high in the reviews, packs small, R value of 3.5 and a good price. It looks like the women's long is the only one left on sale now. Now if we can only get out there. I was looking forward to the Hermit Island camping trip in May but as it's a campground I bet they will be closed. Thanks everyone. Dave, I did hear its best to not climb into your sleeping bag feeling cold so you're to ran around or jump up and down and warm up first. I did that but by 3 AM it's still cold out there! Janice
  9. Thanks everyone! I’ve been looking at all the equipment (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothes) to see what I can do to be able to sleep while camping. It sounds from everyone’s suggestions that the sleeping bag would be the first to replace. I’ll also look at insulating pads. Space is a consideration. This thread started with the tent but perhaps I’ll downsize that later. Too bad I can’t try out the sleeping bags right now, including looking into them, Christopher! Stay healthy!
  10. Those are all great suggestions! Thanks! I think I get cold easily. Dan, at my age, I'm lucky if I only get up once to pee! This is what I currently have: REI half dome 2+ womans mountain hardware thermic micro ultralamina 32 degrees sleeping bag. I bought the Sea to Summit sleeping bag liner last year before the Jewell trip and it helped but it was freezing one night. I think I don't need a 2 person tent, just a comfy 1 person. The double openings and big size probably makes it hard to keep warm. Something under my sleeping pad for more insulation sounds like a good suggestion too. I'll check out your suggestions, Cath, thanks I was thinking I'd better get a move on it with the REI sale! Warm down booties sound wonderful! I bought a warmer down jacket (REI 850 down) this winter and I love it and keeps me warm. I can't wait to paddle and camp! Janice
  11. After freezing on Jewell Island last Spring and freezing again on Lake George in the fall I’m looking for a way to stay warm! I’ve a 2+ person tent that I bought awhile ago thinking my grandchildren could fit in it with me (they have) or my tall son could use it with them. That was good thinking then but I’m the one packing it into my small LV Avocet and freezing in it! I’ve been looking at a small down blanket, warmer clothes, warmer sleeping bag or warmer tent as possible solutions. Any thoughts on favorite tents? Last fall Yong got everyone into taking a hot water bottle and that helped but I was still cold! Thanks Janice
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