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  1. jmcotton

    More NSPN stars!

    Congratulations Janet!
  2. jmcotton

    Saturday, September 1 - Lanes Cove to Rockport

    I'm a maybe! I'd love to paddle but have to double check another commitment. Janice
  3. jmcotton

    Bold Coast/Cobscook/Campobello Paddle 2018

    Impressive well planned trip and very enjoyable trip report! Thanks for the detailed sharing! Janice
  4. Thanks Pru for a wonderful trip report and all the photos. I'm getting a late start to my day off due to sitting reading it all...but worth every minute! Janice
  5. It sounds like a wonderful trip! Nice trip report and pictures. Next year! I was disappointed I could not make it this year. Janice
  6. jmcotton

    Odiorne Point - Monday, July 9

    Looks like a fun paddle! Great to see trips posted! Yes, you've officially caught the kayaking bug, Sue! Janice
  7. jmcotton

    4th Annual Saddleback I. retreat, July 13-16

    I wish I could go but I'll be away at a family reunion. This is my favorite place to paddle and always a great group. Someone should grab the openings! Janice
  8. jmcotton

    Cape Ann Paddle 6/30/18

    That's an interesting app, Jim. Does it work with the iPhone if you don't have an Apple Watch? It said something about using battery life even if the app is not open. Do you find that? There is a considerable discrepancy between Joe's mileage (8+) versus the apps mileage (11+). Oh, and thanks Liz for all your local knowledge! That was great!
  9. jmcotton

    Cape Ann Paddle 6/30/18

    Thanks for organizing and leading the trip Joe. It was a really fun time with a great mix of paddlers. You did an amazing job of keeping all 13 of us together with all the boat activity! Great day. Thanks Janice
  10. jmcotton

    Sat June 30 Cape Ann Paddle - All Welcome

    I plan to be there. Janice
  11. jmcotton

    Muscongus Bay 6/15-6/18

    Sounds like a wonderful trip. Great trip report Joe. I hope that trip becomes an annual event so I can join you all!
  12. jmcotton

    Chebacco lake on Thursday evenings

    I won't be able to make it today
  13. jmcotton

    Chebacco lake on Thursday evenings

    I'm planning on coming tomorrow. Janice
  14. jmcotton

    The Ice is Out!

    Are you referring to Kezar Lake in Center Lovell, ME? I can't open the image you posted. Is the ice off the lake? I spent my first 52 summers on that lake! My family is planning a reunion there this summer. I'd love to paddle there any weekend that the lake is clear. It would also be fun to see the ice harvesting.
  15. jmcotton

    NSPN Winter Party

    We had another wonderful club party and benefit raffle on Saturday night. Thirty one NSPN members signed up with 6 unable to attend so it was a full house with added partners. And it was a beautiful full house at Mike and Betsy's home. A big thank you to both of them for opening up their home to all of us after the traditional Gould Barn location was no longer feasible due to a hefty rental increase. Having it at Mike and Betsy's home rather than the barn was really nice as there were many naturally shifting conversation groupings and interactions without the usual round tables where people sat for the whole event. This group does know how to cook and eat! There were large spreads of tasty delights beginning with mulled cider, homemade appetizers of spring rolls and lobster sushi to name a few and then table laden with main dishes and salad. The dessert area was impressive. People outdid themselves, though I'm always amazed at the gourmet meals prepared on the island camping trips! Many people helped out by showing up early and staying late to set up and clean up. I was much relieved there were no colorful spills in Betsy's gorgeous art room where we had the raffle. Thanks to Kelsey for all her work with the raffle! The donations are always impressive. We'd like to thank everyone who donated items or their expertise and time. I think it's always good to note who donated in recognition and thanks. So here's the list! Thanks to Newbury Kayak and Canoe for donating a Kokatat Paddling Jacket and an OR command deck bag. They have also stepped up to the plate with allowing us to use their space for some of our events. Thanks to Greg Paquin of Wavology for donating a Peak UK PFD. Yes Pru, it's a snazzy color and great as I was happy to win that! Thanks to awesome coaches for donating trainings and private lessons -John Carmody, Carl and Sam Ladd ,Bob Levine and Kevin Beckwith. People are very excited! Thanks to some of our club artists (Nancy Priest, Shari Gallant, Betsy Habich and myself) for donating artwork. We have a lot more artists out there to contribute next year! Thanks to Turner Wilson and Cheri Perry for donating 2 DVD's Plus a number of fun items donated by NSPN to make for a fun raffle. 100% of the proceeds from the raffle will go to MITA, Maine Coastal Heritage Trust and Salem Sound Watch. To everyone who came, thanks for making it a great party. To all who couldn't make it, come next year! See you all on the water! Janice and Prudence