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Announcing changes to 2023 NSPN’s Board of Directors

Sue H.

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Hi Folks,

I would like to announce changes in the makeup of NSPN’s Board of Directors.  Rob Folster has served as President of the Board since 2017 and decided to step down at the end of his term in December 2022.  I am grateful for his support and the support of the Board in selecting me as the new President of NSPN.  I look forward with pleasure to serving our club and want you to know I am open to hearing you.

The Board has decided to pay tribute to Rob’s service by making a contribution in his name to one of his favorite organizations, Chicago Adventure Therapy.  I want to take a moment here to describe Rob’s interests and contributions to NSPN. Rob has a passion for new to kayaking learners and has provided educational experiences to our kayaking community both on and off the water.  For example, we could always count on him to provide great workshops on kayak camping, to include a demo of how to pack a boat. Overall, Rob has a great deal of expertise to share, which he has done willingly.  He has assured us that he will continue to be available to assist in NSPN’s educational efforts.  We are grateful for his past contributions and look forward to those he may provide in the future.  The BOD wishes Rob all the best in his endeavors !

Happy Paddling in 2023,



2023 Board of Directors Contact names in NSPN

Sue Hriciga, President (Sue H.)

Mike Habich, Treasurer/Clerk (mhabich)

Jeff Charette, Secretary (Jeff Charette)

Jim Snyder (Jim Snyder)

Pablo deTorres (detorres)

Gary York (gyork)

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A big shout out to Robert for your service.

Thanks to Sue for picking up the baton!  

And, to the other Directors, I am appreciative of all you do to keep us moving forward!

With every best wish for your collective success! 

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Thank you, Robert, for all you have contributed to NSPN over the years! I’ve really appreciated and enjoyed all that you have done. I hope to see you on the water this spring! 
Congratulations Sue and thanks to all the board members for keeping the club going strong!


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Congratulations Sue! Thank you for taking up the baton, I’m sure you will be excellent! Congrats also to the other new members, thank you!

Rob, and everyone else,  many many thanks for making this club one of the best out there, IMHO. 

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Rob, thanks so much for all the work you've put into the club over the years. I know those efforts started before your presidency, and I hope they'll continue long after it. I'm sure you'll remain a resource for Sue as she takes up the reins.

Sue, thanks so much for taking this on! I'm sure it'll be a ton of work, but I'm sure you're up to the job. Looks like we have a great board to keep us on track. Thanks, all!


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Thank you Rob! I have taken and enjoyed many of your training sessions. I truly appreciated them. I hope to paddle with you soon in the future. Congratulations Sue and thank you for taking the role and thank you Board of Directors for the work you put in the club. Much appreciated it.

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