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  1. I would not be able to make it in May. Ist choice is 8/26. For 9/6 right now I would be a maybe.
  2. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it as I was reminded of family plans. Hope to catch up with you all next time.
  3. I’m not familiar with the Patagonia bag but I have had a few dry bags from Watershed. https://www.drybags.com/bags/waterproof-bags-and-packs/ I have found these bags to be top quality.
  4. And the list gets shorter. Unfortunately I will not be able to join you tomorrow. Be safe and have a great day.
  5. I also prefer a 6" tunnel height, and this has been available with Seals Sprayskirts as a custom order. Last year, at this time, I needed a new spray skirt and was informed that Seals was not taking any custom orders, at that time, due to production backlogs. I'm hoping that is not the case this year, however I have not checked yet. As Jim mentioned above, if you can get one there could be a long wait.
  6. I believe the first price increase was when Lendal upgraded from the Paddlok ferrule to the Leverloc system. In my opinion the Leverlok is definitely worth the extra money. I’m not sure how they justify the second price increase. I agree that they are very expensive. Wether or not they are worth the price is a matter of personal opinion, but I agree with Joe, the Lendal Storm is a great paddle.
  7. David, I would like one of those charts. Thank you.
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