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  1. Yesterday 7/31/2020. I paddled down the parker river from newbury kayak. Paddled the back of plum island to sandy point. Spent much of the day there before paddling back with the tide and saw maybe 3 greenheads all day.
  2. Pretty cool. thanks for posting the photos.
  3. Janice , I have the men's version of that sleeping bag and find it marginal if the nights are chilly. I f I feel the need I'll wear merino long underwear (top and bottom) and at times a fleece top over that. And, as others have said... use the hood and snug everything up . I like the bag because it packs down nice and small but may look into something a little warmer for the shoulder seasons.
  4. Definitely food for thought. I guess the lesson is that if you're uncomfortable with a situation .....trust your own judgement and speak up. Don't just follow others who may have doubts but don't want to speak up either. I don't know anything about the author of the article but, from comments and the fact that he was able to stay out there and help even though he was struggling himself, it sounds like he was well respected and capable. No one is infallible and anyone can make a bad decision.... especially when feeling the pressure of a group. Stay safe out there.
  5. Paul, My thoughts were the same on both counts. He sounded mildly inebriated to me. And, yes....10 miles out with 3 kids in a 14" boat makes no sense.
  6. https://www.newscentermaine.com/article/news/man-who-made-mayday-call-never-identified-himself/97-edf110c3-faa9-4032-86cf-4a400ef6254c
  7. Last I heard was that they were considering this as a possible hoax since no one reported any missing boaters. Only the mayday call. Would seem that if a man and 3 children were out there that someone on land would know who they were.
  8. I have a palm drysuit and the neck gasket is on borrowed time. Does anyone have a line on who might replace gaskets on Palm suits?
  9. I dont currently have one but especially given it's small size I dont really see a downside to carrying one especially when going out solo. Given what most of us invest in paddles, boats, VHF... etc seems like a reasonable price for some piece of mind. Just don't let having it tempt you in to taking risks you wouldn't have without it.
  10. Thanks Kate, My friend judy has been paddling for quite awhile but does not have the variety of experience that most of us do. She's been paddling an old town plastic boat so the Mariner is definitely an upgrade. A friend that she trusts recommended it to her. She tried it and bought it. It's currently sitting in my backyard. I found it heavier than my tiderace and very awkward to carry due to the rearward cockpit position. The boat does have a bulkhead in the bow and the tiny hatch that you mentioned. The stern hatch is huge and different than any I've seen before with a true oval shape and a 2 pc lid that consists of a fiberglass insert and a neoprene cover to hold it in place. Also of note is that there is no provision for deck lines, only bungies and there are two weird cleats mounted just fore of the cockpit. Judy is also 115 lbs and to me, the boat looks pretty big for her. Definitely an unconventional design. I'm looking forward to taking it out for a test paddle.
  11. Micheal, Is the Mariner II a high volume boat? Someone recommended it to a friend of mine but she's only 155 lbs. I'll have to try and do some more research. I really couldn't find that much on it aside from the link that David posted.
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