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  1. This is an awesome thread! I've got a variety of ill- performing zippers, ( the bane of my existence : sleeping bags, gadget bags, rain parkas, zip- up beverage storage bags etc.) so I will be trying any and all of the zipper remedies mentioned here on my various poor performing zippers ! All I have to add is: I've aways used a disc of bees wax (Amesbury Industrial supply @ $2,00 : outstanding !) to maintain theperformance my Kokatat drysuit zippers , with good results. I also rub my hiking boot shoestrings with the same bees wax, as one of my major pet peeves is how hiking shoe laces tend to be round, and can easily loosen and untie, at the most maddenly inopportune moments....
  2. Helmets are a personal thing since head shapes vary so much. ; you need to try on before you buy. This is not an item to be bought online, at least not without a good return policy .You might discover that a helmet feels uncomfortable after wearing for a full day or longer as ill- fitting ares or pressure points become apparent. Popular high quality (more pricey) brands are Gath and Sweet Protection. Newbury Kayak and Canoe has Gath, and Zoar Outdoor (western Mass. ) has Sweet Protection, at least the last I checked. . Otherwise, NRS and Pro Tec Helmets are popular and a bit less pricey . I found the Sweet Protection helmets very comfortable, with a very good but simple padded interior, fewer straps, bands etc to create pressure points.
  3. I believe it was in the channel that runs around the southern perimeter near Two Penny Loaf of Wingaersheek. Are there any current tables for that area? Karen, The only nearby current station I could find is near Annisquam light, way too far away to be useful in this discussion. There might not be a current station at the Essex Bay entry for the reason Joe pointed out : the area is perhaps too much " subject to continual changes" (shifting sands etc) to provide consistent & reliable data. Otherwise one might expect a current station there (like for Plum Island Sound and mouth of the Merrimack, though those two move a whole lot more water & would feature more significant currents than Essex Bay) as it is an area of commercial navigation interest, with lots of boats entering and leaving Essex Bay. If the " huge rip" area you mean is indeed the channel on the inside of Twopenny Loaf (around its southern perimeter) : it would be surprising to see a " huge ebb" there , through some standing wave action would not be impossible. As a general guideline for that little channel area, I would just avoid it on the ebb as it's diminishing in volume and becoming mostly mudflats (why paddle there?) anyway. But not sure if you actually mean this area. It would help if the area in question were more precisely pinpointed as the description (e.g. Wingaersheek is nowhere nearby, I suspect you mean Coffins) is confusing.
  4. what Brian Nystrom said: it's stupid and sensationalistic to create headlines about kayakers being "almost swallowed " by whales. It is plausible that a kayaker (or some other large object or animal) could end up inside the mouth of a whale in the course of its feeding, which involves taking in large amounts of water into the mouth . It is not plausable (and journalistically irresponsible) to state or imply that a kayaker could be in any danger of being swallowed (i.e ingested) by a whale.
  5. Beth and others, Sorry for late reply. Yes: this is a Pinniped Kayak class, not an NSPN event, so all sign-ups, payments etc. are with Pinniped.
  6. Sullivan Falls Tidal Currents workshop Sept 9th is on the Pinniped calendar. http://www.pinnipedkayak.com/sea-kayaking-classes-calendar/2015/9/10/tidal-currents-with-nspn-sullivan-falls-7wlhn-yj4xf-j3sjn
  7. These oceanic crossings mystify me; I read an account of a Gulf of Mexico kayak crossing from the tip of the Yucatan to Louisiana. It sounded arduous, dangerous, not especially educational or informative, and not a lot of fun. Seems like the kayak is essentially a craft designed for coastal travel, hunting , and exploration and not designed for multi- day crossings out on the ocean, so using a kayak in that capacity becomes an exercise in ego and extremism.
  8. There has traditionally been a Sullivan Falls workshop run by Nate Hanson & Pinniped Kayak on the Thursday before the Friday-Monday NSPN Bar Harbor retreat : this year that would be Thursday Sept. 9th. This has worked out really well as participants can finish off the tidal falls event in mid afternoon and end up in Bar Harbor that evening primed for the NSPN event starting the next day. It's not on Pinniped's calendar yet : I have reached out to Nate Hanson notifying him of interest in having this event as in past years. Unless he's busy with other things at that time (dont see anything on his calendar) I would expect him to post a workshop there on Sept 9th soon. So, keep Sept. 9th in mind if you are interested in a Sullivan Falls session. Peter
  9. That was a great presentation; very well prepared and delivered. : thanks for organizing this. I especially valued the focus on the role & influence of group dynamics and personal issues (" expert halo" etc) when risk management goes wrong. That is perhaps covered a bit less in watersports, where theres so much to manage in the area of practical skills and methods ( assessing weather, conditions, gear, planning, etc)
  10. P&H Cetus LV or NDK Explorer LV might work for you. Both @ 17'6", pretty fast, pretty stable, with skegs .
  11. If Rose Eden is already booked that underscores the point that this may be a busy year in Bar Harbor, people vacationing with a vengeance after being shutdown this past year, so securing accommodations soon would be a good idea! Hadley Point Campground is right next door to LLangolan, so if camping works for you, you'd be about as close as you could get to Llangolan. The Eden Village cottages are nearby , and you could look into cottages just off the island , in Trenton, towards Ellsworth.
  12. until
    7th Annual NSPN Downeast Retreat ; Bar Harbor ME September Sept. 10-13 2021 Initiator: Peter Brady This will be our seventh Downeast Retreat on Mount Desert Island . For more detailed Information, check the trip posting in the Trips Forum of the Message Board As in the last six years, this four day event will span the weekend after Labor Day, beginning on Friday morning Sept 10 and will wind down on Monday afternoon, September13. If you would like to come to this event: Please RSVP (“I’m going”) here in the calendar posting. Your name will then be included in a PM thread for all participants, and we will share information in the months and weeks leading up to the event. This will include a google docs spreadsheet where participants can add their information for us to share. Our base of operations will be at LLangolan Inn & Cottage Resort Accommodations and food are on your own. Every day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday) we will have group paddles in the area around Mt.Desert Island. There will be a Meet & Greet gathering at LLangolan Inn on Thursday 6PM and a Pot Luck in the barn at LLangolan on Saturday night. Please PM Peter Brady (PeterB) if you have any questions.
  13. Seventh Annual NSPN Downeast Retreat, Bar Harbor, ME September 10-13, 2021 Initiator: Peter Brady NSPN’s traditional paddling Retreat in Bar Harbor is happening again this year! This 4 day event will be from Friday Sept. 10th to Monday Sept.13th with group paddles each day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday is a travel day, with options for a shorter trip winding down midday or early afternoon. Since this retreat has been a success for for six years years running - it's a perfect location to paddle at a perfect time of year (and with a perfect group of paddlers!) - it will be run on a roughly similar schedule as in past years. Most people travel & arrive on Thursday afternoon or evening and depart on Monday afternoon. Some arrive sooner and leave later, so there will be paddlers around and about though you are of course free to arrive and leave earlier or later. There will likely be some options for biking the Acadia National Park carriage trails and day hikes in the area. Our base of operations will be at Llangolan Inn and Cottages Rte 3, Bar Harbor We have established a relationship with LLangolan over the years , The 8 bungalows and rooms are already reserved by NSPNers, who have been yearly attendees. LLangolan will be our meeting area . We can gather there for car caravans to launch sites, and in the evening to plan next days trips, and there will be a traditional potluck here on Saturday evening. Accommodations are on your own. Make your own arrangements (including reservations, cancellation deposits whatever) for your entire stay during this event. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP (" I’m going") in the calendar posting on Sept.10th A Group PM with all of participants will get going in the coming months , for information sharing, planning and communication in advance of the event. Each day there will be organized paddles (likely two or three) around Mount Desert Island, based on weather and conditions that day. We have a menu of trips suited to this area, and experienced participants familiar with the area to lead trips . We can meet at Llangolan every morning and around dinner time to create and confirm paddling plans for each day. Some favorite destinations are: the Porcupine Islands off of Bar Harbor in Frenchmans Bay, the Cranberry Islands on the south side of MDI, Bartlett Island and Sound on the West Side, and the dramatic eastern shore of the island between Bar Harbor and Seal Harbor In the last couple of years our variety of trips expanded further into Blue Hill Bay and Somes Sound, and new trip ideas are always welcome. Note: There is a possibility that 20121 will see a surge of travel to places like this; it is past Labor Day but still tourist season in the area, so it would be advised to make reservations well in advance! Some recommended lodging: Llangolan Inn & Cottages : Our base of operations and gathering spot. Hadley Point Campground: this campground is adjacent to Llangolan on Hadley Point Road. With a laundry room and hot showers. Robbins Motel: not far from Llangolan on Rte 3 for those looking for the most economical no-frills lodging on the island. Eden Village: A cottage resort similar to Llangolan, a short ways away on Rte 3. Rose Eden Cottages: a resort with small cottages right across the street from LLangolan. Trenton & (off the Island): Just across the bridge to Mount Desert Island, between Ellsworth and Bar Harbor there are cottages and motels that are probably less pricey than on Mt. Desert Island.  There are many other options for lodging in the area, including fine (but less conveniently located) campgrounds and cheaper motels off of MDI between General Schedule Thursday evening: many folks arrive in Bar Harbor,and we will have a meet & greet gathering at LLangolan with some potluck food snacks or pizza, discuss and plan the first day's padding options. Friday: Paddles all day , evening on your own: there will likely be a an outing to Thurstons lobster pound in Bernards. And some BYO hanging out at LLangolan, and Saturday: our traditional potluck dinner in the barn (made available by our gracious hosts) behind LLangolan. Sunday: meals on your own: Monday is a travel day with a possible a shorter session at Long Pond, where we can paddle, practice skills or rolling, wash off gear, and people can come and go as they please. There are also options for ocean paddles as well for those staying longer. This is a rain or shine event! This event has been a success because there is fine paddling to be had somewhere around the island in all but very harsh conditions, and if the weather is too crummy to paddle anywhere on the ocean we can paddle the inland ponds and lakes like Long Pond or Eagle Lake, or explore & hike Acadia National Park, or play tourist around Bar Harbor. Some people have taken a day off from paddling to explore Mount Desert Island and there might well be an organized hike , bike safari or two mixed into the festivities. If you have any questions: contact Peter Brady (PeterB on the message board ) or by PM
  14. Very impressive! I've been along that coastline, and if seas are severe anywhere in that whole area, which they often are.they're likely to be severe right there. Point Reyes is like a magnet for conditions, especially this time of year. How cool that you have gone and paddled there.
  15. Unfortunately , I just saw " The Lighthouse", so I'm not too keen on being an investor at this moment. Give me a little time.
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