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  1. Brian Nystrom

    Help finding a boat repair location

    I remember well, Christopher. That space was in the same building as Richard's business and he actually rented it for the workshops.
  2. Brian Nystrom

    Help finding a boat repair location

    Check the area where you want to hold it for vacant commercial space. Owners/Landlords are often willing to rent it inexpensively just to generate some income from it. That's what we did back when I was organizing outfitting workshops for the club.
  3. Brian Nystrom

    Flags on kayaks, new NH bill

    What do you know? Maybe there's a semblance of sanity and a grain of intelligence in the legislature after all.
  4. Brian Nystrom

    Flags on kayaks, new NH bill

    So, the same stupidity has been introduced again? How many times in years past has this gone down in flames? This shows how lazy our politicians are that they don't even look into the history of this kind of nonsense before reintroducing it. Moreover, who introduces a bill based on "a constituent concern"? How many people complained about this, just one? More than likely, it was a wealthy donor or friend he was trying to appease. If he's getting mostly negative feedback and doesn't think it has any chance of passing, why doesn't he do the right thing and withdraw it? Moron!
  5. Brian Nystrom

    Fees for registration of kayaks and canoes, NH

    This has been an ongoing battle for the better part of two decades. The real issue is that NH Fish and Game is not funded from the state's General Fund and they have huge pension costs that they can't support, so they're always looking for new revenue sources. I learned this directly from the Director of Fish and Game. Don't let the smokescreen about other uses fool you. The ultimate solution to their problem is not to tax paddlecraft users, it's to get the legislature to do the right thing for the agency. Fees on paddlecraft are misguided and will only serve to hurt tourism, which we can't afford. They're going to hire someone to administer the program for $59,000, which means that they would have to register 5900 canoes and kayaks just to cover the salary costs. Good luck with that! While it appears that this only applies to boats launched at public ramps and not beaches, it's a classic "slippery slope". Once they have a fee in place, it will be relatively easy for them to expand it's scope to include all paddlecraft, regardless of where they're launched. There is no doubt in my mind that this is exactly their strategy. They've never been able to pass full registration of paddlecraft, so they're going to try to nibble away at it, bit-by-bit. If they want to impose a launch fee at boat ramps or create a state "boat ramp access pass", that's fine, but there is no valid reason to register paddlecraft.
  6. Brian Nystrom

    Fees for registration of kayaks and canoes, NH

    Can you provide a link, Paul? I'll definitely get on it...again.
  7. Brian Nystrom

    Re-purpose a drysuit

    Nah, who in their right mind would want to be me??? I'm still "keeping the rubber side down", but Linda had a mishap recently and is currently recovering from some minor injuries. I finished refurbishing all of our boats recently and we're still planning to get back on the water, but unfortunately that can't happen until Linda is back to "ship shape".
  8. Brian Nystrom

    Re-purpose a drysuit

    Yes, the warranty is from Gore, not Palm. If you contact Gore, they will take care of you, even if Palm won't.
  9. Brian Nystrom

    Re-purpose a drysuit

    I can't find my notes regarding who I spoke with, but if you just search online for "Gore-Tex Warranty", you should find plenty of information on how to contact them about a warranty claim. I don't recall the name of the person I dealt with, but he was great. After I sent the suit back and he checked it over, he contacted me and told me to pick any suit from the Kokatat catalog that I wanted. It arrived within a week or two. The suit I wanted was actually a slight upgrade from the Stolhquist in terms of features and I offered to pay the difference, but they refused to take any money and just sent me the suit. This is why I have been such an ardent supporter of Gore-Tex; their warranty is the best in the business and they absolutely stand behind their products. Their fabrics also perform exceedingly well and are more durable than anything else I've owned. So far, I've had three Gore-Tex garments replaced free of charge. Just to be sure here, your suit is definitely Gore-Tex, right? It should be tagged as such, if it is.
  10. Brian Nystrom

    Re-purpose a drysuit

    Lisa, if the drysuit is one of the older Gore-Tex models from Stohlquist, Gore will replace it with a Gore-Tex suit of your choice from another manufacturer. I got a new Kokatat Gore-Tex suit to replace a Stolhquist suit that was delaminating. It only cost me the postage to ship the old suit to Gore.
  11. Brian Nystrom

    Anyone want to rescue a neglected VCP Pintail?

    Yeah, she contacted me 3 minutes ago to say she sold it this morning.
  12. Brian Nystrom

    Anyone want to rescue a neglected VCP Pintail?

    For the record, I have no financial stake in this transaction.
  13. I found out about the following boat on Paddling.com and contacted the owner: https://newhaven.craigslist.org/spo/d/new-haven-11-foot-kayak/6971155492.html It's a '96, which means it's probably the new design hull and deck. Unfortunately, while the new design is more mainstream, they don't handle like the pre-'95 boats that I prefer (this is definitely a personal preference and not a knock on the new design). It's dirty, faded and has some gelcoat damage on the keel (I have additional pics of this), but it appears to be easily repairable. The price is a steal and I'd consider buying it to restore and sell (it pains me to see it languishing and it would be a fun project), but I can't justify the 3-hour drive each way from NH. Perhaps someone here would be willing to give it some TLC and a good home. 😟
  14. Brian Nystrom

    Si Tech neck system

    I'll be really interested in hearing your impressions. My biggest concern is that the system seems too rigid to be comfortable for paddling.
  15. Brian Nystrom

    Latex Care in the Non-Kayaking Commuity

    That system looks pretty slick and I'll be interested in your impressions once you've used it.