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Non-skid tape for deck???


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Home Depot sells 2" wide 3M non skid tape. Why would you put it on your deck?

I have found it helpful behind the cockpit for a more secure grip when trying to get out before that next wave comes in. Or to cover gel coat cracks. I forget which is the right reason.

Ed Lawson

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I believe 3M makes both a textured plastic version (what you want) as well a sand-filled (which you don't). If your aim is to get max abrasion resistance, though, I use the female side of 2" wide Velcro that can be bought in a 25' roll at HD for about $30. Makes great keel strips for bow and stern ends too. If abrasion curls the edges it can be easily stuck back on with superglue in 1/2 minute.

I'm thinking about getting some of the less aggressive 3M stuff, too, so let me know if you want to split a roll.



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Soooo... Subaru,

at the risk of getting into trouble here; do you descibe the female as a "hook" or a "loop?"


Let me give you a hint:

I understand that Palin's adding a second story to her home in Wasilla so that she'll be able to see Mexico!


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Hey all,

I ordered a 60' roll of 6" wide 3M Resilient non-skid tape. This is the textured PVC type not the abrasive type. Colour is Gray. http://kofflersales.com/Product.asp?cid=23&pid=91

I will be happy to sell to others at per foot price that I got it for (cost plus shipping = $177.00) Works out to about $3.00/foot.

I will deliver to the Christmas party.

Can email me at jdkilroy at gsinet dot com

take care.

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