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need some volunteers

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for coaching.

i took an aca open water coaching idw and the suss is in 2 weeks. what i'd like to do is next weekend get on the pond here in amesbury and go over the instruction of the strokes and such.

the class i will be teaching will offer instruction on

review of the kayak, it's design and construction.

review of the paddle, it's design and construction.

wet exit will be reviewed on shore before launch.

strokes - sweep, stop, forward, low brace, low brace turn.



fundamentals of navigation.

it will be weather dependent and so it's a grab bag really. would like to do this next saturday or sunday...we'll see how the weather cooperates.

dry suits would be required to participate.

please either post here or email me at rickstoehrerathotmail.com


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Guest _rick

Pentucket pond.

Georgetown rod and gun club is at the end of Lake avenue. The ramp is owned and maintained by the rod and gun club and offered for free use. Please park in the areas by the ramp not on the grounds proper.

From the north

I-95 to exit 55 byfield. Right off the exit. Left at the post office. Go toward Gtwn approx 2.5 miles. Right on mill st. directly across onto lake. You should be looking a a big body of water at that time.

From the south

I-95 to exit 54 toward gtwn. At the Major intersection with the bank take a right on North st.

About 1/8 mile take the left angle turn on to pond st. Just past the chain link take the left onto lake.

email for cell #


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thanks very much to the guinea pigs...they were willing and able and it's always nice to have a "dry" (ha!) run before any test.

and lisa...there may be some things we find you CAN'T do in a boat but i doubt that any of those things will to have to do with balance and finesse. really nicely done!

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yeah. we're guys...so typically "strong" isn't nearly so hard as "flexible". we're plenty strong...just not too terribly bendy sometimes. yoga, stretching...it all helps. everything ties together with everything else.

we did run out of time there to do some of the other items on that outline...i'll post it again in the next few weeks and try to go over rescues, tows, navigation, etc.

come to think of it, my wife would argue that "smart" can be a problem as well. so there you go, not terribly smart but good for lifting heavy things.

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Rick, does this mean you'll be doing another session on the water? If so, I would really like to join you. I was out of town over the school vacation week when you did the first one, and was disappointed that I couldn't go.


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