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5th Annual Easter Plunge 4/15/17


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Over the past several years, a hardy group of NSPN members have gotten together for what first started out as a cold water practice session on Easter morning. While it was short, they had great fun and promised to get together the following years and make it an annual event. Thus began the Annual Easter Plunge. In order for more people to attend, we have started holding it the day before Easter.

This will be a combination discussion/paddle/cold water practice event tailored to the wants and needs of the group. You’ll have the opportunity to review tips and techniques for dealing with cold weather and water, test out your gear while we do some cold water rescues, or just have a paddle! LOTS of hypo kits and chocolate will be on hand and careful attention will be paid to all paddlers’ condition and well-being. Come join us for this CAM (Chocolate Adventure Model) event.

You must bring the following:
- Food and a hot beverage
- Drysuit with proper footwear and appropriate under layers (if you don't have a drysuit, inquire about borrowing or renting)
- Neoprene cap or hood
- Neoprene gloves or poggies
- Wool or fleece hat
- Wool or fleece gloves or mittens
- Down or synthetic jacket that fits over your PFD
If you have the following, you should also bring them:
- Storm cag
- Warm outer pant layer (worn at launch to unload and pack boat)
- Spare under-layers (in case your primary set gets wet)
- Padding to sit on (camp chair, carpet square, piece of foam, etc)
- Hypo kit (various items to help deal with hypothermia for yourself and/or others)
- Group shelter

We recommend that everyone put together some form of hypothermia kit – see this post if you want more information on what to include: http://www.nspn.org/forum/topic/9825-hypo-kit/. Don’t feel overwhelmed by all the gear. The start of a good hypo kit is a thermos of hot tea/chocolate/soup/water and a warm jacket/blanket/tarp. Do you have any hand or feet warmers from skiing? An old yoga mat is a great ground pad. A tent fly would work as a wind shelter. Don’t worry about packability if it’s just a day paddle – you have plenty of room in your boat. Put together what you can and we will compare different ideas.

If you would like to attend but don’t have a particular piece of kit, just let us know. We should have plenty of extra stuff on hand to care for everyone. So bring your bunny ears (really!) and join us for some cold water fun! We will even have extra ears on hand for those who don't have them. Location and details to be determined, but will most likely be in MA north of Boston.  Post interest here or send me a Private Message.

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Can't we have Easter Bunny Plunge on Easter again, instead of Saturday??  I am completely bummed to miss the Saturday version this year as I'll be returning from Baja on Saturday.  I know, boo hoo to me...  But this is one of my favorite events and hate missing it!!






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We have a potentially good size group this year, with 11 potential attendees for next Saturday.  Water temps are around 39 degrees, so this is definitely a cold-water event.  Long range weather forecast is looking favorable, with temps in the upper 40's to low 50's, mostly sunny, and possibly light winds (which is the important part!!).  If the winds do stay light, we will have our pick of locations, but it they are forecast to pick up from any particular direction, we will need to adjust for safety and protection.  In previous years, we have done this along the Marblehead to Rockport coastline, so I expect that to be our area of focus this year.

I (or others) will continue to post weather forecast updates, and I would like to have attendance confirmations by mid-day Friday.  You must let me know if you are coming so I can include you on a float plan - no unannounced arrivals, please.  I have many peoples float plan info already, but I will ask that people check the plan to make sure info is correct.

Looking forward to yet another great Plunge!!!

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I'm committed to teach rolling in Nashua with NH AMC Paddlers on Saturday evening. 


along the Marblehead to Rockport coastline

The precise put-in may tweak my answer a little.  However, Google Maps worst case estimates from Marblehead or Rockport suggest I need to be off the water loading my car about 3:00pm to safely meet my teaching commitment.

BIB 10am would be a nice start time (I try to arrive an hour before BIB), but I could handle a little earlier start if necessary.

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Weather for Saturday is looking like we could have the nicest Easter Plunge ever, with temps in the 50's and a gentle southerly breeze.  Salem Harbor tides are low @ 8:44am and high at 2:58pm, so I think that a Riverhead Beach launch would be perfect.  Even though water temperatures are just above 40 degrees, I plan to be in the water at some point during the day, and I encourage others to do so as well (appropriate immersion gear/clothing required).  We will launch at 10am sharp, so make sure to plan your arrival so you can be ready for a beach briefing around 9:45am or so.

Please post if you are definitely coming and/or send float plan info if you think I don't have your current info.  I need confirmations by mid-day Friday so I can send out a float plan Friday night.

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