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New Shark App


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There's a new app coming to help ID shark sightings. Kind of cool, I thought:


Recent seal-chomping off Race Point:


Just curious, do any of you alter where you paddle when the landlord is active? Looks to be a banner year on the Cape!



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I paddle Cape Cod Bay often and in all seasons  Recently, I have been  less likely to spend any time near seals during jaws season., especially dawn or dusk.  I once thought the shark that followed me near Wellfleet 4 or so years ago could have only been a basking shark.  I then believed that whites were not active in the bay much, but were prowling on  the grey seal population on the backside from Monomoy to Ptown.  Then the girls got dumped by one a couple years back off Manomet.  Next thing, last years tracking data showed one coming into Wellfleet Landing. So now I realize they could be anywhere, and probably have been for quite some time.

 So, I guess now I'm just more vigilant.  I also go over what I might do in various contact scenarios in my head more often. I don't know if this would really help in the face of random violent chaos. But it certainly stokes awareness.

The Conservancy's FB page is pretty cool to follow....https://www.facebook.com/atlanticwhiteshark/

Yep, certainly gonna be more and more

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Nice article, thanks. I know, I know, it's like getting hit by lightening. But you're more at risk if you sit on the water in a T-storm, right? 

Either way, I think it's very cool that GWs are coming to the Cape. But it does have me wondering.

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BTW, if anyine wants to see a major cormorant rookery, check out Weepecket islands in Buzzards bay. Hundreds,if not thousands of cormorant chicks are still flightless, the size of chickens, and are busily learning to dive. It's no wonder small sharks are hanging around.


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