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Amateur paddler seeking mentors

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Hello, I recently joined NSPN with the goal of meeting more paddlers, using my boat more often, and developing my self-taught, somewhat rudimentary skills and knowledge.

I own an old double Folbot. I've primarily used it on the Charles and Boston Harbor, with a smattering of other jaunts from New England rivers and beaches. I purchased the double hoping to get folks from work to go paddling with me but that's been rare and it's been sitting in storage for most of the last decade.

I guess I qualify as a level 2. I understand a lot of theory but haven't been able to practice much of it, like self-rescues.

So long story short...looking for paddlers who would be willing to include me or join me in lower-intensity trips and help me develop in a sport I've always loved but been unable to develop.

Tempted to end with "Help me Obi-Wan", but in case bribery is a better strategy, I make a mean garlic hummus!

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Welcome, Matt!

You have come to the right place! Keep an eye out for posted L2 paddles - which likely won't be starting until the water gets warmer; but even better, once we get closer to June, you will see weeknight skills sessions posted for Walden Pond and Chebaco Lake. At these sessions, more experienced paddlers are happy to work with less experienced ones on things ranging from boat control to rescues to rolls. Again, keep an eye out for these. I have no idea how an " old double folbot" will work - especially for one person - but you would likely be able to try out stuff not only in that boat, but in other members' boats at the skills session.

Look forward to seeing you on the water.


Ps No need to bribe, But I can assure you that no NSPNer has ever turned down good food!

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