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Kayak boots 2015

Phil Allen

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I'm babying my old keens so that they might survive another season, though the amount of aqua seal might exceed the amount of neoprene at this point. Anybody have suggestions for relatively supportive boots appropriate for the rough granite of the maine coast and beyond? I've seen lots of sneaker variants, but not many boots so if you know of them AND they're available speak up below.



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These are the replacements for the ones you are babying.

If you look at the pictures carefully, you can see a zipper up the inside of the foot. I think it would be because the old ones were hard to pull on when dry so a zipper would make it easier. Of course, I'm not sold on zippers on water shoes - they always seem to corrode or get caked up with sand. Give them a try though and report back to us!


  • Description
  • Specs/Traits
  • Features
  • Product Care
- 2mm Neoprene upper sock
- Contoured arch for added midfoot support
- Metatomical EVA footbed
- One-pull webbing fit system
- PU midsole
- Textile reinforced rubber outsole for durability
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I tried Astral Rasslers, and they fell apart on me in one weekend of paddling. Astral kind of sheepishly admitted 'birthing problems' and took them back. Replacement Brewers worked out wonderfully for a month camping trip, and I'm even using them as a n office shoe lately. I've had no trouble hiking Labrador scree with them. They hold little enough water so that shortly after wading ashore, they were dry enough to use (with a wool sock) for shoreside wear.

They just seem to do everything I'd want a boat shoe to do.

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I have my kokatat tall boots for colder months but I just received a new pair of water shoes today that I will use from June to September. I think they are called Columbia Ventsock. I tried them on today and they feel great. Enough support on the sole to be comfortable on the rocks and pebbles and not too much volume in front to add unnecessary tightness under the deck.

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Rick, I was under the impression (quick: lift it off, please -- it's heavy!) that they had been discontinued? Yes, I agree -- best paddling shoes I ever had (two pairs, one after t'other; but all worn out now)

If available: where do you buy them?

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Thanks, Sal: it seems they have changed it from a kayaking shoe to one designed for canyoneering! Old one was a pure kayaking model, with very rounded heels: the sharp heels of this new one will surely cause more wear on your inner hull surface. I shall keep on looking...

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