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My New Discovery!


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After cold weather paddling trips, I consider drying my GLACIER GLOVES the biggest pain in the phalanges. I had been turning them inside out to dry after cleaning and rinsing. The drying process would sometimes take days. I was also concerned and convinced that turning them inside out was damaging the stitching that held them together.

When "Bass Pro Shop" opened in Hooksett NH last Spring, I noticed this Peet Dryer (shown below) and thought it could potentially dry kayaking gloves and booties but as the weather became nicer the need for glove drying faded away.

On a return trip to BPS yesterday, I picked up my new Peet Dryer for $39.95. I set up this contraption in seconds and followed the instructions to run the device for 15 minutes to burn off any factory coatings on the drying element. I throughly washed my Glacier Gloves with a few drops of Dawn DW liquid at the kitchen sink without turning them inside out, squeezed out the excess water and placed the soaked gloves on my new Peet Dryer at 5:30 pm last night. At 8:30am, just 15 hours later I checked the progress and was happy to discover bone dry gloves.

I imagine some of you have discovered other successful methods of drying gloves and booties but I couldn't wait to share my discovery.

See pics below. (Cat not included)






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I've been using something like this


originally purchased to dry his and her XC-ski boots to dry my booties year round, and my Glacier Gloves in season.

I think we have owned it for almost 15 years now. This summer the knob broke, but pliers still turn the underlying metal post, and thus the timer still works.

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I have been using a Peet dryer for the past several years for winter gear as well as kayaking boots and gloves and love it. The neoprene gloves do take longer to dry than the boots and I find I have to position them just right to allow for good air flow. It is nice to have dry, odor free gear.

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campfire sock drying: place round rocks near the fire. When they get hot, carefully - without burning yourself - put a rock inside the sock. raise and lower alternated ends so that the rock, rocking back and forth, dries the sock. Repeat with the other sock. (Can be done while telling scary stories.) Liz

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