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NDK rope skeg


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I'm having a hard time finding the correct rope to replace my Explorer rope skeg. 3 mm rope seems to fit in the skeg and skegbox, but is to small for the cleat. 4 mm rope fits fine in the cleat, but jams up in the skegbox. I'm now thinking of splicing some 3 mm and 4 mm rope or replacing the deck cleat with a smaller one, but before I do, thought I'd put it up here: what is the correct line for use with the NDK rope skeg?

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As for the correct size....if its on their website...it may still be a guess. what do you find works?

I've got thicker line up by the jam cleat cause it jams in better and then that comes down to a simple pulley that is tied off to thinner line that runs down to the skeg. So far has worked as well as anything else.

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I had the same issue of the knot at the skeg blade binding in the skeg box.

The line is nylon, so I just heated it with a match and when it melted, just squashed it flush with the blade using a putty knife. That was several years ago and it's worked fine since.



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