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  1. Hi Rob - I am in for this one. Will also return your drysuit I still have.
  2. Did anyone hear deal with them - both purchases and instruction? How are they?
  3. Unfortunately, I have to back out in the last moment, unable to make it. See all of you great people next time around.
  4. I am signing up! Count me in, please!
  5. So do I - please put me on the waitlist as well. Thanks, V.
  6. October 2 works for me. However, I don't think I ever officially signed up for the original Sep. 4 date - do I have to fill out the form for Oct. 2? Please let me know. Thanks, V.
  7. Saturday or Sunday??? Your post refers to Saturday in the body, and to Sunday in the heading. I presume it is Sunday after all, as the 25th is Sunday, but please clarify.
  8. I plan to be there. My level is probably L3.
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