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  1. The National Weather Service has issued a gale watch from Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon. https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&issuedby=gyx&product=CWF&format=CI&version=1&glossary=0 I’m still considering but leaning towards canceling. I wonder what others are thinking.
  2. It was really a perfect paddle. The weather was just gorgeous, we were a very companionable lot, and the group that came back through the marsh got lots of variety of environment. I didn’t mind the bit of wind and wave we encountered as we approached the harbor, but avoiding it all the way back was just fine. Next time, we’ll do better on planning the post-paddle refreshments.
  3. It was such a gorgeous day for this trip and having so many hours to explore the islands was such a treat. Thanks, of course, to Jim for all the organizing and to everyone for the great company. Question: The mileage says 8.7 km. Should that be 8.7 nm? While we didn't exactly do a ton of miles, but it seemed like more than 4.7 nautical.
  4. I signed up and would love to come, but please bump me if there’s someone with less experience and who can’t make Wednesday paddles.
  5. It was a gorgeous day and a very nice group of people to paddle with. Thanks to all, especially Joe. I was exhausted when we got to the beach after Misery. I’ve never been strong but these months after surgery certainly put me behind schedule for developing my summer paddling stamina. Luckily, I know the solution: more paddling. Hope to see everyone very soon.
  6. Thanks. For some unknown reason, this wasn’t the top item on the NYT homepage. Go figure. The explanations are very good but I have to agree with the many commenters who are upset about the use of a PFD-less paddler. Would have been much better to show the movement of the PFD zipper when properly rotating.
  7. I doubt I’ll be able to make this so feel free to ignore, BUT isn’t the point of the potluck to have everyone together? How is that accomplished if each pod does their own thing or the potluck is at a place beyond the skill level of some participants? Or did I misunderstand the suggestion?
  8. Signed up. Looking forward to it. Thanks for getting this organized!
  9. Joe and Bob, thank you so much for all the paddles this summer. I joined you at Nahant early in the season after very little paddling the previous year. We didn’t go far, but I was happily exhausted when we got back. I especially appreciated Bob and Mike helping with landing and launching on the rocks for lunch. I also joined at what turned out to be the last Wednesday paddle of the season. We didn’t go that far, but I was again exhausted after a day in some swell, despite a fair amount of paddling this summer. I especially appreciated Bob’s launching a few of us after lunch. That time it felt like a splendid luxury rather than a scary necessity. So some progress along with lots of fun. Thank you!
  10. Thanks for the link. If you want an exercise to play with, how about the currents in Eastern Bay, off of Great Wass, near high tide? Some of us were paddling to our put-in north of the fish pens, expecting to ride the tide, but encountered some current going the opposite direction.
  11. Joe, can you post a link to your instructions? Also, if I can't find it there, how'd you get the current arrows you had yesterday?
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