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  1. mbhazeltine

    P&H Delphin skeg repair question

    Not sure if you ever fixed this - I did mine over the summer and it was fairly easy. P&H has an online video of the repair.
  2. mbhazeltine


    I find the toaster mittens uncomfortable I think because they are not pre-curved and apply a constriction on my knuckles. I didn't notice them when play boating but for sea kayaking they were uncomfortable
  3. mbhazeltine

    Kokatat MsFit PFD, Womens Med

    Correction - it is a Large. Make me an offer
  4. Brand new - purchased 2017 still with tags - ended up getting a new one through a summer job. - Mango $100 or best offer. Can be seen in Newton during the week. Mike Hazeltine, [email protected]
  5. mbhazeltine

    Seeking recommendation for car camping tent

    I had a Sierra Designs tent which had minimal use and was well cared for but the waterproof coating delaminated from the rain fly. REI in Cranston RI was very uncooperative, the Framingham store did an exchange but only after I pointed out I had the receipt and it was before they changed their policy on returns. I have been a member of REI for many years but the experience soured me on them.
  6. mbhazeltine

    B. bay near-accident

    Similar report on the episode from the CG. https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/USDHSCG/bulletins/1a92a09
  7. mbhazeltine

    Toyota Highlander (08-13) kayak carry?

    We had a similar problem on a Toyota Sienna. We bought a single roof mounted rack which went on above the front doors. We then used one of the cross bars on the factory rack. This gave us a greater spread and moved the boats forward. The only question is the height of the two bars relative to each other.
  8. mbhazeltine

    Bolt-on Rack for Boat Trailer?

    I have used parts from Magenta trailer, http://www.magnetatrailers.com/, to make a trailer - might not be the least expensive option but they have cross braces etc
  9. mbhazeltine

    Year Round Kayaking

    look up Merrimack Valley paddlers, http://www.mvpclub.org/
  10. mbhazeltine

    Rack for Prius

    We have the Thule areobars on our 2011 Prius and our 2012 Prius V. The ones on the V stay on all summer. Minimal noise and milage penalty. Well work the investment. Look on craigslist for the bars and feet then get the fit kit.
  11. Attended last year. It was wonderful. Very useful and applicable to kayakers
  12. mbhazeltine

    Walden Pond Skills and Stupid Kayak Tricks Sessions

    Planning to come tonight, 6-17. Hoping someone can confirm that there will be people there. Mike H
  13. mbhazeltine

    Please post your favorite PFD

    The green vest is very nice, the one thing I do not like about it is that the quick release buckle is on the side and my hand bumps / rubs against it. I have been very happy with the NRS Zen Rescue vest, http://www.nrs.com/product/2161/nrs-zen-rescue-pfd. It has slightly less storage space but I think it is more comfortable. I really second the idea of trying before you buy. I might be at some of the Walden sessions and can bring both vests for you to try.
  14. mbhazeltine

    PFD question

    I have a greenjacket and like it very much. I find the location of the quick release buckle on the side to be a little problematic because my hand bumps it sometimes. I bought an NRS Zen Rescue PFD and have been very impressed with it. It is very similar to the greenjacket but more comfortable for me. Holds a lot of gear - easy to adjust. I also like the feature that the are buckles on one side with make it easier to put on - the greenjacket is a pullover type vest while the Zen opens completely on one side. http://www.nrs.com/product/2161/nrs-zen-rescue-pfd.
  15. mbhazeltine

    Cartopping 3 boats

    I think you can also do J racks on either side and the wing in the middle. Be wary of the factory racks though. With multiple boats on top the wind loading can be very large.