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  1. I recently had a small self inflicted tear ~ 1 inch on my dry suit. I was thrown up against a barnacle covered rock. I sent it back for the leak test they offer - ~$45 and the patched it under that service. Area of patch was about 3 inches x 3 inches and hardly visible from the outside. Total cost to me including shipping was $53.
  2. I am planning to join the trip - looks like fun.
  3. Planning to register - will there be an option to CPR training which I believe is required to maintain ACA instructor certification
  4. I like weather bug - It does a nice job of showing where the lightning strikes are and where the cell is moving - not perfect but my go to app
  5. foam blocks are my go to approach - have J racks, saddles etc - but keep coming back to foam blocks. Think about transporting your kayak cockpit down if you have the spacing. Also be mindful of those L brackets on your rack - looks like those could do some damage.
  6. Interested - Weaver Cove boat ramp is also an option for a launch site. (Portsmouth RI)
  7. Interested, have also wanted to see it.
  8. Having lost a boat off of a vehicle due to rack failure I can attest to the value of front and rear lines.
  9. Late to the discussion - I agree that thin Nitrile gloves are key. I have also been known to bring a small thermos of hot water to pre-warm or re-warm my wet gloves. Unsweeten tea works - coffee not so good.
  10. I have found that the lightweight smartwool as a baselayer followed by wool or poly works great. I find the wicking of wool to be much better than synthetics - As a side note there are two different weights for smart wool 150 and 250. The Terramar is often on sale at Sierra Trading Post.
  11. Looks like fun - can't make it for the next couple of weeks. Will miss all of you.
  12. I would add Nate Hanson (Maine), and Todd Johnson-Wright (VT - but travels), Carl Ladd (Southern MA) and Gerry Polinsky (CT). Instruction is personal journey and you need to have a match between instructor and student. I have benefited enormously by just paddling with people and attending the free skill sessions that NSPN and RICKA offer.
  13. Posting in case someone asks the question later. I just replaced the decklines on my avocet. Used the 4 mm 3/16 - could have used 5 mm - but could not find it on short order. The length of the old deck line was just under 24 feet. Buy 25 feet to be safe. The shock cord required 17 feet - 4 mm. I ordered 17 feet and had almost none left over but 17 ft worked. 5 mm shock cord would have been difficult to thread so I am glad I went with 4 mm. I ordered from Olymipic Outdoor Center and had it within a week. I think it is available locally but I am trying to avoid stores.
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