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  1. Ken - I love my Aries and Cetus. I did not find the Scorpio to be as comfortable nor as efficient. You need to paddle a boat to decide what you like and what works for you. We can arrange a test paddle this summer when it makes sense.
  2. Maybe I missed it but no one is suggesting a Cetus. It is a huge step up from a scorpio - similar to an Aries but a little quicker but less responsive. Once this virus abates you are welcome to paddle mine Cetus MV and my Aires 150. I believe a RICKA paddler is selling an Aries150. If you look at the Aires be aware there are two styles of cockpit outfitting - a style similar to the Scorpio and a style similar to the Cetus.
  3. I will let you know next time I am in Cambridge.
  4. Al: I am about 6 foot - 170 lbs - I have a Outfit (Mens MsFit) medium which lists its chest size as 40 - 44 - it is brand new and I am selling it for $75. I also have the sea wolf in a large. I am in Cambridge - Porter Square - fairly regularly if you would like to try either on. I bought the Outfit to replace my MsFit but decided it was not enough of an improvement and I need the money
  5. I really like the Astral Sea Wolf - I have tried a bunch of different jackets and keep coming back to this one. It has been replaced by the blue jacket. https://www.astraldesigns.com/shop/life-jackets/pfds/bluejacket.
  6. Brand new with tags - Never used - ended up getting a similar through my summer job. Cost new is about $160. The large womens fits chest sizes of 42" - 46", orange - Medium mens fits 40" to 44", red, minimal useCan be seen in Milford MA or Thursday evening on the North Shore - Hampton beach
  7. I have a Womens Large MsFit which is brand new with tags - selling it for $85. Got an identical one through work so selling this one. Also a Men medium with only a few paddles on in it. Keeping one or the other. It is a great vest but I don't need three. email me at [email protected] if there is interest
  8. I looked around for at a bunch. The Standard Horizon HX890 seemed like the best of the GPS/DSC model - 6 watts vs 5 watts for the Icom. In the end I decided to go with a Standard Horizon HX40 which got good reviews - was significantly smaller and half the price. Will get a PLB at some point.
  9. Interesting - I paddled with someone last weekend who found the boat very fast but not playful at all. He was thinking about selling it and getting something more responsive. Clearly you want to paddle it in conditions.
  10. I am selling two pairs on craigslist: https://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/spo/d/kayak-roof-rack-malone-autoloader-xv/6929272345.html I also have a wing models; https://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/spo/d/malone-seawings-kayak-rack/6929275720.html I have gone to foam blocks for most of my travels [email protected]
  11. My several - 4 or 5 year old Icom VHF radio died. The on / off button does not work. Looking for suggestions on a new one. Does anyone have experiences good or bad with the Standard Horizons HX890? How about the ICOM M93D? I feel like the GPS/DSC option is a no brainer these days. Or do I just replace it with a less expensive ICOM or Standard Horizon?
  12. Just noticed that the newest model of the ICOM M25 is usb chargable.
  13. Brand new with tags - Never used - ended up getting a similar through my summer job. Cost new is about $160. The large fits chest sizes of 42" - 46"Can be seen in Milford MA or Thursday evening on the North Shore - Hampton beach
  14. Not sure if you ever fixed this - I did mine over the summer and it was fairly easy. P&H has an online video of the repair.
  15. I find the toaster mittens uncomfortable I think because they are not pre-curved and apply a constriction on my knuckles. I didn't notice them when play boating but for sea kayaking they were uncomfortable
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