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  1. Hi all, I am in search of a fiberglass Avocet. If you hear of one for sale, please let me know. Thanks. Lisa
  2. I have heard there have been whales in the Northshore area. One was sited off Misery Island a few weeks ago and another yesterday in Manchester. Have others heard this or seen any whales?
  3. Hi Joe, I am not going to be able to join you all this Saturday. Have a great time. Lisa
  4. Thanks Paul. I appreciate your advice and help. I passed the info along. He decided to have a someone finish it for him. He did get a good chuckle out of the cost to build one vs buy one and that you would not do it again. Have a great holiday weekend. TY
  5. Hi all, I have a friend who is nearly finished building a stand up paddle board. He is stuck on the final trim pieces that go on the edge of the paddle board. The wood is thin, tapers in size and kind of wraps around to give a rounded finish. Does anyone have experience with this process or suggestions. Also, he is thinking he may have someone else do the epoxy process. Is there anyone or place that does this? Thanks in advance. Lisa
  6. Lynch Park and Dane Street beaches in Beverly are still open.
  7. Thanks Brian. How do I contact the Gore-Tex company? This is great information. I appreciate it.
  8. I have an old Stohlquist dry suit. It is at least 7 or 8 years old. Sadly, it leaks. I reached out to the company and it is too old to repair and they no longer make it. Just curious if anyone has any ideas on ways to recycle or purpose a dry suit? Thanks in advance
  9. Very interested and hope to be there.
  10. I know lots of people are away. Just curious who is going this evening? I am thinking of going. Thanks
  11. Hi Paul, Here is a link about the Can Do, aka Grampus. For many years, it was moored in Danvers River between the Kerwood and Beverly/Salem bridges. I never saw it leave the mooring. Before I knew its history, I found it eerie to paddle past. I had a conversation a while back with an older gentleman, who recalls the Blizzard of '78 and the men on the Can Do. He told me the Can Do was sold to someone in the south. This link suggests she is out of commission. http://www.tugboatinformation.com/tug.cfm?id=3813
  12. Thanks you again. I have some great ideas and realize that my first sleeping bag will not be my last! I will adjust to the mummy bag and I know I will appreciate it what it is cold. I love the ideas about sleeping bag liners, especially making my own. As far as type of camping, I will be doing car camping as well a kayak camping. Initially it will only be a few nights at a time. Again, I appreciate all the feed back! Happy Memorial Day!
  13. Thank you all for some awesome advice. It will be helpful as I research to find a sleeping bag. I wondered about the mummy style bags & was concerned about feeling confined. It seems people like these and do not find them confining. This is good to know. Thanks again for all the excellent suggestion; it is appreciated. Lisa
  14. Sadly I missed the Kayak Camping Workshop. I am looking for recommendations for a sleeping bag for spring, summer, fall camping. Thank you.
  15. A friend told me about this race. I thought I would post for anyone was interested. Westfield River Whitewater Races The date is April 18th... one day... Novice race to launch at 10:00, Jr/Sr's will launch around 11:00 (like last year). Expert race will launch from Knightville at 1:30. The Westfield River Whitewater Races, held every year since 1953, are the oldest consecutively run canoe races in the US. Be sure to check out the history of the race, and the gallery of photos from previous years. For more information: http://www.westfieldriverraces.com/index.html
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