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  1. A not inconsequential issue is that the "fee for instruction" model has a higher liability risk than the existing peer practice model.
  2. With all due respect to the reality that cold water paddling is an added challenge to an otherwise risky sport, Avery’s claims of death within seconds are hyperbole and not supported by accident reports or the medical literature. I don’t want to diminish the added risks of paddling in the cold water months, which these cold water workshops have nicely addresses over the years. Thanks for organizing and let folks know if you need assistance when you run the program. Phil
  3. Hey Brenda, Cohasset boat ramp, hingham Harbor, and the driftway boat ramp in Scituate are all open. Parking could be challenging as everyone is doing what they can to get out. phil
  4. Rob, is the recommendation for hot packs a specific recommendation for jellyfish stingers? I would have thought initial application of cooling to reduce swelling in the immediate period after insult. Phil
  5. maybe I missed it, but dont forget clothing. A hooded fleece, thick dry socks and and a cap can add what feels like 10 degrees to the comfort level of a sleeping bag.
  6. Lorrie and I are interested. phil
  7. Lorrie and I will join you. Good fun on this paddle. Still have our info? best Phil
  8. Sorry if this is behind a paywall, but really kind of cool. Take home is that Neanderthals (who weren't our ancestors to be precise) likely colonized islands that could only be reached by some sort of watercraft. http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2018/04/neandertals-stone-age-people-may-have-voyaged-mediterranean best Phil
  9. Roll top is the way to go. And then be prepared when that gets wet. If you can't get WP paper or tyvek charts, the "waterproofing" stuff you can get at REI will make the paper resistant enough that if you keep it in the chart case you won't end up with a soggy mess when it gets damp. best Phil
  10. Hi Sue Finally had a chance to use the NRS ATB boots this weekend. I bought large for drysuit season (12, normally a mens 10.5). The ruggedness and stiffness of the sole made a bit of a tight fit in my Cetus MV, but the extra support kept my feet from being worked either while paddling or on rocks. It was pretty warm (finally), so there were no issues of cold feet in water temps probably in the high 40s to low 50s. Surprisingly, there was also very little water in the boot at the end of the paddle, even though they're large on me and I walked in the water up to knee high several times. Overall, i really like them. Maybe too warm for mid-summer but otherwise I give 2 thumbs up. best Phil
  11. Just to be obvious, are you talking 4/21 and 4/22? Time flies when we're having fun. best Phil
  12. Hi Sue I just acquired a pair of NRS ATB booties, with the hardsole from their work boots and either 5 or 7mm neoprene for the rest of the bootie. Hope to use them to try and keep my feet warm in the winters (which the Astral's never did). The sole is much more robust than a flexible version designed to go in a tight WW cockpit. With the good skiing and windy weather, I haven't really tried them yet so can't give any more info than that. best Phil
  13. First the responsible adult answer: check the weight limit on your rack and roof system. Now that that's been said, I've seem lots of folks do 4-5 sea boats on edge with stacker (and a good spread between them), well padded bars and bow and stern lines. best Phil
  14. Never had any issues launching from nantasket after Labor Day through Memorial Day. Does tend to dump more than nahant. Phil
  15. I’ll bring some beer and maybe some dessert if we need more. phil
  16. Only thing to I've noticed using 4mm reflective deck line is there's more sag when its wet. I do like the fact that its retroreflective. Phil
  17. I'm not sure which phone you've been using, but I keep my iPhone in a lifeproof case and its never had an issue with overheating, even with charging. best Phil
  18. Once agin Pru, an amazing trip report for what sounds like an amazing trip. I'm very envious. Phil
  19. Sorry, between packing up and the shoulder I won't be able to join you. Maybe sometime in September Pru. phil
  20. Hey Pru, would love to join you if I'm not busy packing up for vacation. Phil
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