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NSPN Membership Benefits!!


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As some of you may know, the NSPN Board of Directors has been working to clarify some of the benefits of membership. This information is contained in more detail in the BOD’s Meeting Minutes, which are available to club members in the NSPN Business forum. We have reconsidered at least one of the changes on which we had received feedback from a number of members.

At this time, the benefits of paid membership include:

  • The ability to initiate and respond to posts on all the club’s message boards;
  • The ability to initiate and participate in club trips via posting and responding on the Trips/Events message board;
  • The opportunity to attend pool sessions and club workshops;
  • The opportunity to participate in the NSPN Leadership Training Fund Program;
  • Discounted MITA membership.

Guests continue to be able to initiate and respond to posts on the General Message and Trip Reports forums as well as the Individual and Commercial forums, and to read postings on the Trips/NSPN events forum.

It is our hope that frequent Guests will choose to become paid members – it’s only $15! - and help to support NSPN in our mission to help paddlers improve their skills and to introduce new paddlers to the joys of being out on the water.


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