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CANCELLED- May 7- 12:30 Necky Boat and Lendal Paddle Demo Day


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This has been cancelled. Just received a call from Nick that Spike is ill and as quickly as he flew out yesterday, he is flying back today. Without Spike, this would be a demo only so Nick and I decided to reschedule this for the Fall. Nick said that he would have a few more prototypes available at that time. Watch for more dates to follow.

For people looking to demo boats, please give New England Small Craft a call - sure they can arrange something. In addition, Kittery Trading Post is running a demo day this Saturday along with Charles River doing a Necky demo on Monday.

Sorry for the late change in plans.


(Early Riser's paddle still taking place and still early!)

May 7- 12:30 p.m.- 3:30

Pavilion Beach, Ispwich

Necky Boat- Lendal Paddle Demo Day

Please join me on the beach with Necky boat designer, Spike and Nick Dyslin, Lendal/Kokatat rep. They will be walking us through boat design basics. This is a great way for a beginner to get started. They will come with boats, paddles and pfd’s! You can try out boats and get an understanding what the difference is between low/high volume boats, hard/soft chines and the myriad of other details that can be overwhelming when you are getting started. Nick will have a full set of demo paddles and will discuss paddle design and innovations. Along with traditional blades, Nick will even have Lendal’s new Kinetic Wing for people to try out!

See their websites for detailed info: [http://www.necky.com/] and [http://www.usa.lendal.com/]

Please e-mail me if you are planning on attending. Members and non members are welcome to attend but if you are a non member, you will need to complete the waiver and pay for the $10 event insurance. I will have forms there to be completed.

You can also complete membership forms at that time.

Please RSVP to me at: suzanne.pritchett@comcast.net


Pavilion Beach is located where Plum Island Sound opens into Ipswich Bay. From here you can explore Plum Island, several tidal rivers, Crane Beach on Castle Neck, or perhaps paddle as far as Cape Ann.

To get there, go to Ipswich (from Rt. 95, take exit 54 onto Route 133 east; Continue through Ipswich on Route 1A/133 east, just 0.6 miles to a bend in road and continue through the center of Ipswich. At that bend, continue straight onto County Road. 0.9 miles on County, bear left onto Jeffreys Neck Road. 1.7 miles further, take the right fork onto Little Neck Road, continue on for about a mile to Pavilion Beach. The strip of land between Great Neck and Little Neck is Pavilion Beach.



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I met up with Nick Dyslin this weekend and found out a little more information about the plans for Saturday. Flying in from Vancouver Island, British Columbia is Spike Gladwin, a British Slalom paddler who coached the Canadian Olympics WW team in the Barcelona Olympics. Spike placed second in the World Surf Kayaking Championships in Costa Rica in the 90’s with Necky’s Rip International which was his first surf kayak design. Spike is currently working on a new prototype sea kayak for smaller paddlers which they will be bringing to Saturday’s demo.

Nick is hoping to arrive on Saturday morning in time for he and Spike to join us on the water.

Here is a partial list of the boats that will be brought to the demo:


Elaho HV

Chatham 16 – Carbon

Chatham 16 Plastic

Chatham 17 Plastic

Chatham 18 Carbon

Nootka Plus – kevlar double with the center hatch

Chatham – with the new outfitting that Necky is working on

Brand new unnamed prototype for smaller paddlers

In addition, available to demo for the morning paddle and throughout the afternoon will be an assortment of Lendal paddles including a few of their white water blades for those who are interested:

Kinetic Wing

Nordkapp – carbon composite (CC) and carbon reinforced nylon (CF)

Powermaster – CC

Mystic – surf/touring blace – CC and CF

Kinetic Touring

White Water blades:

Kinetic Power

Kinetic Pulse

Also available to demo will be Kokatat PFD’s and an assortment of dry suits including the new semi dry Super Nova with the comfortable neoprene neck.

There will be a drawing for some sort of goodies that Nick will be bringing!

So let’s hope for good weather, bring your lunch and enjoy the afternoon on the beach!


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oh, yes!! i, for one, cannot wait to get my sticky little fingers around the new kinetic wing -- from all i hear it should be vastly entertaining and fun.

regarding their other paddles, the carbon-nylon blades are of great practicality in being utterly rock-proof! yes, i love my carbonfibre paddles; but i always wince in empathy when i bash one of my paddle blades on submerged rocks (it can happen). i think i need a lendal (or two)...

i hope there is a good turn-out for this: nick dyslin is always generous!

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Paula and I against you and Bill.

Total onside rolls in a row -

Total offside rolls in a row -

Any other pairs to compete in the challenge?

Loser buys ice cream after so we can all have ice cream headaches!


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to paraphrase marv alpert via the david lettermen show.

"....as always, this is an exhibition, not a competition, please no wagering"

what so now we're an on-line gambling site? roll that fat boat dot com?

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It will be a fun day! Sure bring your boat too. If you are trying paddles, it is useful to keep the boat the same. If you are trying boats - good to use your own paddle. That way you are only trying one thing new at a time.


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Geee Wiz, that would be great if we could manage to be in the same area. It would be nice to be able to support the demo event as well as conduct trip leader training.

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