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Kayak for Blackburn Challenge?


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If you get stuck in the middle of nowhere it can double up as a smoker if you stand it vertical.


...p.s. the web site is funny too. 'accept no boundaries' ... as long as you have a gas in your tank, as long as the engine is running, as long as the waves don't go over 2 feet in height, as long as you're near a shore, as long as it's not the 'fourth' season... accept no boundaries.

ewww. naughty:


Would there be anyway to enter this kayak in the Blackburn Challenge?


Ed Lawson

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It's no longer a secret how I get around and about on Lake Umbagog.

No problem Peter. After all, when in Rome, etc. However, would you bring it down for the Summer Solstice Paddle?

Consider the possibilities.

Ed Lawson

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You might need to remove the engine first for use in the Blackburn :)

Refer to part 3 from the video link below


Hmm this engine might fit in the rear hatch of my aquanaut :) of course I'd only use it as a backup if my paddle and backup paddles broke :)



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