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lake gardner / amesbury

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anyone out there have a preference on the lake gardner skill sessions this year - wednesday or thursday?

figure about 5:30pm start til 0 dark hundred and we run em til we get cold this fall/winter

Wednesday worked out very well last year, and would likely again this year.

As a FYI, Chebacco Lake sessions (Manchester/Essex area) have traditionally been on Thursdays, and last year several people attended both. So different days for these two sessions would be good.

If on Wednesday, Lake Gardner would not coincide with any other weekly session .

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In addition for those members of NSPN who live or work South of the North Shore there is always informal skill sessions going on at Walden Pond. Weds. and Fri. eves seems to be favored and many Walden Pond Scum folks attend always eager to help out with Greenland skills learning.

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