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It's a nice video, Kim and I were watching it last night. My favorite part is the expedition in Russia. They had to bring a Russian citizen along, So this poor russian kid gets to launch in all of this surf and he'd never been in a kayak before. He's going to make it, he's going to make it.... doh! he didn't make it. Yes he still goes on the expedition with them.

Maybe we'll have to do a post paddle preview sometime?

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I don't want to look at copy of this video: I want to watch and replay and replay and replay the sauciest moments! Where may we buy it, then? (Gawd: some of those waves are awesome! Was that a Pintail, I wonder, that was doing a disappearing act, looking rather like a sounding whale?)

Other recent threads raise a question: whatever is "skulling", something I have read about in several places on the message board? Quite mystifying...perhaps there is a connection with deepest Borneo and head-hunting?

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Buy it at http://www.cackletv.com but you'll need a paypal account, they are free.

I believe skulling happens when you capsize on a shallow beach, it's best to wear your helmet when skulling. Sculling is someting entirely different, we'll be working on that at Chebacco on thursday.

There is also some footage from a tidal race in Wales on the DVD.

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