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Interested in Expeditions?


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In the long "Classes and Courses" thread the idea came up of NSPN teaming with outfitters to offer expedition training that culminates in a trip to Newfoundland for those who've gone through the training together.

Is there much interest?

Liz N.

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Distant shores are calling ...

I'm going to serve as the point person for this training/trip. What I need to know is 1) who is interested, and 2) when you'd want to go, and 3) if you have any specific thoughts on what the training should entail and what the destination should be. You can post this info here or email to me at tom@casepeople.com. Once I have a sense of the type of training/trip we're interested in, I'll contact some outfitters and see what they can offer us.

Cheers, Tom Casey


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Linda and I would have a definite interest in an expedition. I'm not sure what would qualify as an expedition for most-Apostle Islands,Georgian Bay,or does it have to be a "big" destination like NFLD or Alaska?

I'm curious as to what the "expedition training " would be. We've done four days out alone,and a six day trip with a guide (camp chef with a nautical chart and permits in this case). Would the training be geared towards leading an expedition?

Alaska is a great destination-but it ain't cheap! We would certainly like to go back,though.

Been to NFLD a couple of times (I'm a Newfie on my dad's side)and seen some of the coast. Like Michael pointed out-conditions range from flatwater to "holy ****! Where would we like to paddle? I'm up for a trip to Nfld for sure!

Another option is a winter "expedition". We've been to the Exumas with Sam and Carl(Osprey) the past two years and it was excellent.

Other possibilities,Baja,Belize.

Anybody else wanna paddle in Tonga??!!(where's that atlas?)

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I would guess that the interested parties, no more than maybe six would work out what they needed with the guide. Training would be winter work..... planning the logistics, getting what was needed and getting conditioned. I could see that the guide would meet and work with the group perhaps monthly during off season, perhaps run a few training trips to prove packing. Then lead the charge to the spot.

This is assuming that this is a participatory trip, not just show up with boat and paddle and have gear and food taken care of.

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For an expedition you would be advised to be up on

Wilderness First Aid

VHF Radio

Navigation/determining contingencies

Food(diet and tricks)/water/lodging

Researching a target area


Conditioning for

As this will probably be many sessions it might be useful if an individual could "test out" of a session; also consider a "make-up strategy"

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key largo to key west - 115 miles.

you can either drive down in a cargo van/trailer (surely someone in this group has a trailer? and if you drive in shifts your looking at 24 hours so long as long as doc jeff isn't driving!) and use your own boat or fly with your gear and then rent from a company called florida bay outfitter/frank & monica woll right across from pennekamps in key largo. last time i spoke with them they had some decent boats to rent. figure take 7 days for the paddle (take some time to see some things) and then 1 on either end and so then on a 10 day cycle that leaves you an extra day in the middle for weather.

if you wanted to stretch it out to 2 weeks, then you've got 12 days on the water and have the time a plenty to do the entire thing in the back country and go up into the snipe keys on the gulf side (someone described them as a paddlers paradise) and poke around.

inumerable species of birds, sharks galore (little cute ones, not the big "come and eat you whole" ones) and tons of fish. saw a big ole' sea turtle and paddled amongst some curious dolphins. if that don't make the hightlight reel, nothing will!

did that trip solo one year. pretty cool. spent the proverbial week one night on indian key in a big blow...it was memorable.

the folks along the way were colorful and kind and it totally re-energized my faith in the goodness of people!

that could be either an expedition or merely a destination depending upon how far you were from rte 1 and a beer and a burger!

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I'm also interested subject to the usual caveats. As to where... so many choices. Winter escape to Baja would be sweet or Fla per Rick's suggestion, or somewhere in the Carribean, etc. Warmer weather possibilities abound... San Juans or elsewhere in the PNW, BC, Nova Scotia, etc. As to training, I suspect various individuals will have different needs. Some input from quality outfitters who have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of many expedition participants would likely give us some ideas as to what skills and knowledge are most important. I would certainly like some nav practice, handling loaded boats in less-than-ideal conditions, planning/packing advice, etc.

Thanks Tom for putting your hand up to facilitate this. Let me know how I might help.

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I should add that I am a level 3 paddler, and due to time, economics, and multiple interests am often a fair weather paddler who is most interested in the shared community of paddlers, living creatures and scenery and general exploration of new places. Y'know, I like the experiences to be able to conquer me and become part of me, not try to conquer them. Being awed by birds, bioluminesence, sea caves, brain rot hysterics around a campfire after a day outdoors...these things appeal to me more than seeing if I can paddle tons of miles, paddle super fast, or paddle in very confused seas.


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I am also exactly where Bethany is on this. Her eloquent description of her goals and paddling abilities match my situation closely. I have more flexibility to get away from school during the summer than the winter months. Mike Crouse's and my kayak program at school makes the fall impossible. I am open to many areas. Perhaps we should do something fairly simple - like a longer section of the Maine Island Trail. The costs would be lower and we could train/guide to a great degree with club members.

On the subject of kayak trailers, Mike and I designed a secure twelve boat trailer with a large storage compartment for our program. The school might consider renting this to NSPN if the trip was not during the fall. It needs a larger, powerful vehicle to pull it. I would be happy to explore this (no promises on the outcome) with the school officials if it ends up being helpful for this trip.

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How about a "warm-up" trip on the Maine Island Trail,with some "on the Water" demos of navigation,paddling full boats in conditions,and dealing with currents and loaded boats. A demo class in boat packing,combined with a "show and tell" of kayak specific camping gear would be a good start,along with "eating well on the water".

Linda and I would be happy to help if available.

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