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First pool session of the Obama era, January 24


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There's still lots of room in the Waltham pool next Saturday night. This is what pool sessions are about: hope, change, progress, hanging chads ... er, draws. Start off the new era right!

Details on the calendar.

Is there still room? If so count me in.

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...i'll be busy digging holes to hide guns and money.

...yes, indeed. And, don't forget to put all those valuables in good vinyl drybags or pelikan boxes before burial ;-)

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So you're of the fellas hoarding ammo and making it difficult for the rest of us to stay proficient?

Ed Lawson

hey ed! do you think you and gail can make it to the pool session satdy night? would be great to see you guys and the more the merrier for the pppo afterwards . . .

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(Update Wednesday night)

There's still room for a few more boats in the pool Saturday. If you're interested, please contact me at the email address given in the calendar listing for the session.



Trying to work out some conflicts in schedule. May need to wait until saturday to determine if I can make it. Is there a cut off time for the last-minute option? I promise to have cash or check in hand if I can make it--les

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