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directions to braces cove?

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i was in an avocet and suze in her explorer.

if you are the junction of 128 and 127, go straight across at the light and then veer left at the pizza shop. i think you then take the next L at the intersection by a pharmacy? in any event, you follow the shore right down the coast and then you come to good harbor beach / bass rocks.

there is no parking unless you belong to the yacht club but.....as it was after 7 that we finally put in and there is NO ONE around and there were locals parked there enjoying the surf....yeah, we just pulled over there on the side with them and launched. there was a very convenient put in to be found in the ladder that goes down to the little estuary river across from the yacht club.

maybe someone more familiar with the area would have better advice on access / parking?

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I wouldn't advise parking on the street there in the summer, they often tow cars (day and night). My son got his towed while he was on the beach one evening. Its Ok in the off season just watch the signs.

Good Harbor beach has a parking lot ($20 a day for non residents, if there is space) but you can't bring your boats on the beach or launch from there during the summer.

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were it any other time of day (well after the time most folks using the beach) or weather conditions (it was rather blustery/rainy) i probably wouldn't dare either as i would prefer on the whole that the truck be there when i get back....it's just that the local surfers gave us the skinny - that the cops would roust you every now and then but on the whole that we were pretty safe parked where we were.

thanks for the info though!

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between NOAA and GOMOOS' Boston Harbor buoys, the waves are between 5-6'. The intervals have stretched up to 9 seconds. Yesterday's intervals were between 4-5 seconds. On a beach break, short intervals mean a real anaerobic workout (if not a trashing) to get beyond the break zone.

Cowabunga! Have fun today! Who knows when the waves will show again.


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