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Suggested camping ?


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Any sugestions for a first time camping trip? I'm looking to head north of Mass., less than three hours drive from the N shore ... preferably an island within an hour or so paddle. I've plenty of camping experience (hiking and canoeing) ... looking to incorporate the kayak.

If anyone knows its people in this club.

Thanks in advance for the help.

John King


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squam lake up in holderness is beautiful and has 2 islands (bowman and moon) that you can camp on. reservations are set up through squam lakes association (squamlakes.org)

Car camping on the ocean -

there are a bunch..cape neddick camp ground up offa rte 1../overlooks nubble light.

recompense island has a campground....can't remember the name but you could call ll beans and they'd give you direcions.

for actual pack the 'yak adventures...

Jewell Island off a portland...pretty much launch from eastern prom and head east up diamond passage, through the hussey and then up along vail, long, cliff...cross luckse and then over the N side to either surprise beach or the punchbowl. that's a fair bit of paddling and you are exposed in places so take all precautions, etc.

join MITA (mita.org)...they send you a book of the islands in the association that refernce put ins, launches, local knowledge, etc. worth the $45 all day long.

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Rick,the problem with Squam at this point is that it is all booked

for every weekend,well in advance. I got Labor Day weekend on Moon-third choice-by faxing on Jan 17!

Jewell seems to be a bit of a zoo in summer from what I have heard.Seems we had some nasty incidents there lately,according to the MITA caretaker.

Consider Crow Island in Muscongus Bay.It's about 3 hrs away,there's a great launch site at Broad Cove Marine,and it's a protected 1/2 mile paddle to the island.

If you go on a weekend,arrive early to get a site,and be cautious of the current on the east side at mid tide. Best bet is arrive close to high tide.

If you join Maine Island Trails Assoc.,there's an amazing array of great island camping available to you. [www.mita.org]

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