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Castle Neck and Fox Creek 8/20/08


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Five of us Al, Larry, Phil, Suwin and myself assembled on the rocks at Lane's Cove peering out into a world of white caps and a strong breeze. OK, let's go to Conomo Point and get out of the wind. We headed out towards Cranes and the Castle River against a steady strong wind about 15K. However the tide was still coming in and we made good progress. Al found Fox Creek with no trouble and finally we had some real shelter from the wind among the high grasses. As we reached the tip of the ocean side of Cranes Beach, Al had an equipment malfunction. His skeg now totally deployed refused to retreat. We decided to go back the way we came and were helped and grateful for the wind at our backs. A most enjoyable day spent with good company.

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I want to thank Al for planning this trip and delivering on the "mellow" CAM. When I saw the ocean at Lanes Cove I felt I had stretched my level a bit too much and welcomed a change of venue. I viewed our trip on Google and have to admit the timing and scouting couldn't have been better. I couldn't imagine being lost in there with low tide coming.

And Gene forgot to mention we circumnavigated Hog Island!


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That's to Phil for forwarding me a YouTube Cetus skeg video:

I realized that P&H has made some minor modifications to my skeg. Took 2 minutes and 30 cents to fix what may have been a minor problem since I bought it. If you have a similar skeg, note the 2 wire clamps holding the bungee in place and also the new barrel-lock on the other end of the bungee.


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