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Winter Rolling Sessions


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the schedule for pool sessions is currently being worked out.

Included are often separate times to work on rolling skillls.

They typically are Sat or Sun nites...

More will follow - so watch the Message Board


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>Don't know about indoor rolling sessions but most of my

>outdoor ones occur after a blown brace, or stupid human

>kayak trick. :)


We must have learned from the same expert. My half-roll is solid. The one from head above the water to head below the water.


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>Will there be indoor rolling sessions this winter? When do

>they typical occur?

I'm not sure where you're located Al, but a bunch of people from NH & No MA have split the cost of pool rentals in Goffstown, NH. I'm not sure if you are close enough for it to make sense but thought I'd mention it.



Life is too short to own an ugly boat.

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NSPN is currently work on the pool session schedule. We are looking at locations in Danvers, Reading and Chinatown. The schedule should be released no later than December 1.

As always, NSPN will make these sessions available to our members at the lowest price possible.

Please stay tuned for details.

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