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Does anyone have a 4 person tent I could borrow next week? I have what is laughingly called a two person tent but it's hardly big enough for me. We will be car camping from Maine to Cape Breton and would like a free standing, dry, easy to erect tent that you can somewhat stand up in.

Or do you have any good ideas on where to rent one?

Also any ideas for quiet paddling around the Bar Harbor area would be welcomed.



Valley Aquanaut

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>I have what is laughingly called a two person tent but it's

>hardly big enough for me. <

Joan, I know what you mean. I have a two person tent as well that I meant to use while G and I were car camping with friends in Freeport last summer. We set the tent up in the wee hours of the morning and Gilly burst into laughter, saying we'd never fit. I said we could do it, but within five minutes of trying, we were on our way to LL BEAN at 1:30am to pick out a new tent!

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I have a couple of large tents on loan to me right now from fellow club members and have my large one(affectionately known as the ballroom) in use too. My backyard looks like giant mushrooms have sprouted and my house has gone from being a 2 bedroom to a 5 bedroom this week.

If you get stuck, you could check with REI as they do rent tents and surely you could get a nice big one then.


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Hi and welcome to Maine----for "quiet" paddles your best bet is on the west and south side of Mount Desert Island----I would recommend putting in at Pretty Marsh and paddling around Bartletts Island or if you are more skilled and/or adventurous put in at Seal Cove on the west side of MDI and paddle out to Tinker---about a 3 mile paddle one way or out to Pond--about a 5 mile paddle---also a good trip is from either Northeast Harbor, Southwest Harbor or Seal Harbor(not Cove) on the south side of the island out to the Cranberries---again about a 3-4 mile paddle one way---You can also paddle from Northeast Harbor up Sommes Sound to Sommesville---but you really have to time this trip with the tide. And then there is paddling from Bar Harbor out to the Porcupines (and Ironbound if you are adventurous and the weather is nice.)This time of year that would be crowded with the commercial seakayak tours run out of Bar Harbor Your final choices are to the north side of MDI from Bar Harbor along the east side of the Island north to Hadley Point and then if you like and conditions are favorable across the bay to Lamoine Beach State Park--about a mile crossing at that point---enjoy

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ha! that was awesome, that thing was BARELY a bivy!!!!!!!! it was like two sardines squeezed into a tin meant for half a sardine :) the best part is our friends started taking bets when we got back from LLBean on how long it would be before we started yelling at each other about how to properly put up a new tent :) other than putting the rain fly on backwards i think it went okay. good thing we had the vaccuum cleaner pole to hold the middle up :)

joan also, one time when i was up there while kevin was doing some training i went on a trip with mel rice at aquaterra and that was perfect as i was unfamiliar with the area and wanted some company to paddle with. there were only a couple other people with us on the trip and they had an awesome paddle and i got to talk to her about navigation, paddling and all sorts of fun stuff.

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I have a 6-person "dome with lockers" tent... it may be a bit too big, but you are welcome to it:) It does "fairly well" in the rain... it is a Sears tent... not high end. To get an idea, it is big enough to fit a queen sized air mattress and bags. Set-up is average... not too terribly quick.

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