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I'm not sure why this is turning out to be so difficult. We get so much from the club and now the club needs 4 hours of your time, not much at all. At the moment, myself and one other person have volunteered, not nearly enough for the purpose. If we don't get other volunteers by Sat. (7/15), I'll have to inform the organizer that we weren't able to get enough people to help and that they need to find another club for their purpose. Embarassing to me? No. Embarassing for the club? Yes. So let's not let this happen! 4 hours, that's it. Now I really know how the people at NPR and PBS feel.

Previous post:

Ok, I'm apparently a glutton for punishment for I opted to act as coordinator for this event for our end. Salem Coast Watch will be holding a fundraiser swim meet event on July 22 at Forest Park in Salem, MA. They have approached us to see if we could provide kayak patrols and we have agreed to do so. Once again we have a chance to get the word out about our club and about kayaking in general.

So I'm now soliciting for volunteers to help out. The committment is minimal. We will need 6 to 8 people on the water, basically helping to keep an eye on the swimmers and offering assistance if necessary. The event runs only for one day from 8am to noontime. They have also agreed to allow us to have a table from which to pass out our club literature and talk to people about the club/kayaking, so I would like to get 2 people for the booth as well. Salem Coast Watch will provide refreshments for the volunteers.

This is another great chance to help spread the word about our club in the heart of the North Shore, so please volunteer today! WE GET SO MUCH FROM POOL AND LAKE SESSIONS, THE MESSAGE BOARD, ETC. GIVE BACK TO THE CLUB NOW!

If you have any questions or want to volunteer, please email me at kevin dot beckwith at mindspring dot com.



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Hi, Kevin:

If I didn't have out-of-town plans that weekend, I would definitely volunteer. Here's why...

You didn't say what this organization is about or what they are raising funds for. In a nutshell, they keep the pressure on to maintain environmental quality in Salem Sound. In other words, anyone who paddles anywhere from Manchester to Marblehead benefits directly from Salem Sound Coastwatch. I believe that covers essentially ~everybody~ in NSPN.

Given the level of shore and inland development on that stretch, Salem Sound could easily become a... well.. let's not discuss that. But it sure wouldn't be a decent place to hold an annual paddlefest like NSPN's Solstice Celebration, to train leaders, or just to paddle.

Here's the website and description of their mission...


"Salem Sound Coastwatch is a non-profit coastal watershed association that works with government agencies, businesses, other nonprofit organizations and citizens from the communities of Manchester, Beverly, Danvers, Peabody, Salem, and Marblehead, Massachusetts. We are dedicated to taking cooperative action to protect and enhance the environmental quality of the Salem Sound Watershed."


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