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Land of the white wave

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The scene this morning on the gravel berms south of Devereux Beach, an hour before high water. I would estimate the surf was 6-10 feet. The largest waves arrived in very noticeable clusters. Balmy and sunny… until it started raining again a few minutes later. 

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Today's storm in Marblehead was more intense than the previous one. A late morning SE wind wave spike at 11' (Boston Buoy) coincided with a high tide plus storm surge of about 12.5'. Winds SE about 20 knots. The causeway to the Neck was overtopped along its whole length by breaking waves sweeping across it and spilling over the harbor side. The road was closed off, with a strong police presence preventing even pedestrians from accessing it (something I haven't seen before).

Waves breaking right through the Devereux pavilion:


Nature's gift: a huge stump in front of a home near Fort Beach.


Seawall damage:



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Beautiful pictures, but another side to the storms.  Apparently these storms destroyed or caused major damage to @60% of the working waterfronts in Maine.  Borders on catastrophic for many in the fishing industry.

Along with the fire in Port Clyde last Fall, has not been a good time there.

Ed Lawson












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