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Participant Waiver Time or Not ?

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Hi Everyone,

We sign a Participant Waiver in order to participate in club activities, once signed it is good for 3 years.  This is a bit confusing as the general description of participant agreement says we sign it every season, however near the end of the waiver it indicates the validity for 3 years.  You can find the Participant Agreement description and wavier by going to NSPN's home page, click on Paddling with NSPN and scroll down to Participant Agreement.  As you read through the agreement you will find a link to the wavier.

It's easier to sign it every year, that's what I do.  I can't remember the 3 year thing !  

Mike tells me you'll get a reminder to sign the wavier when your club membership renews.


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After signing and submitting (and receiving a confirmation email from waiverfile.com), I was redirected back to a 404 page, https://www.nspn.org/waiver/ Error code: 1S160/2.

My profile page still shows my agreement was signed in April 2023.

Hope something didn't get broken in the move to the new hosting provider.

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Good catch, Dan.  The redirect in the link to the waiver went to a page that's now gone.  I've fixed it.

The date on the profile page doesn't update automatically when the waiver is signed.  I thought I might have a way to automate it after the move, but it's not looking good.  That means I'll have to keep doing it manually for each signing for now.  Rats.

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By the way, the participant agreement doesn't expire with the calendar year.  If you read it allllll the way to the end, you'll see that it's good for three years.  Easier to sign it each year than to try to remember for three years.  You'll get bugged to re-sign it when you renew your membership.

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