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NSPN and estate planning


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Hello all - I am in the midst of doing my estate planning.  The process has helped me reflect on what is valuable to me.   NSPN has been a very important part of my world for decades.  I have appreciated our community: the friendships I have made, the skills, the fun, feeling safer in everyone's company to enjoy the challenging adventures of the ocean and the natural world together.  I know we are a volunteer organization but I am wondering if some infusion of monies were NSPN to be around when I die, might be useful.  

Perhaps, creating a fund to help older or less mobile folks get on the water when we are less able.  Or a fund to hire far flung leaders to do local skills.  Scholarships for exotic trips for folks who might not be able to afford them.  More money for parties. 

There are lots of possibilities but I am just putting it out there to solicit your ideas.  What do you think??


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Thanks for raising this idea! I think there would be a lot of details to set something up but I think a fund with a specific purpose would be great. Also, I don't think you should have to be dead to contribute!

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Fund Pool Sessions! :roll:

Actually, I think you should put the bare minimum of legal constraints possible on how NSPN spends your gift.  Instead include a non-binding letter of hopes and suggestions, which you can easily revise over the years.  Just trust the club's volunteers to try their best.  NSPN board members won't always do the right thing, or what you would have wanted.  However, if you cannot trust future NSPN boards to try their best, you shouldn't donate the money to NSPN.

If it is a very large amount of money, then arranging for it to be disbursed over multiple years, and to the extent possible protecting it from lawsuits against NSPN is indicated.  Right now, the main thing protecting NSPN from lawsuits isn't the waivers we sign, it is the fact that all of NSPN's assets wouldn't cover the cost of hiring a lawyer to sue the club.

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Hi Karen,

An innovative idea and generous thought, bringing new meaning to pay-it-forward !  I imagine there are significant details to be considered on your part, as well as on the part of NSPN.  I will bring this legacy fund idea to the board.  Please realize this will take time to thoughtfully reply.

Thank you, Sue


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