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Your favorite spray skirt for your Cetus?

Barbara Ryan

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It has become clear that my beloved Snap Dragon glacier trek skirt (with the awesome, comfy velcro tunnel)  with a Medium deck is too small for me to get off of my Cetus LV in a timely  manner.  I have tried the "pull forward and up"  technique and it still takes several tries to get it off and it's wicked hard to get on.   

What are your favorite skirts for your Cetuses?

I'm not gonna paddle her again til I get a safe skirt. sigh.😟

Thanks Friends!


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My go to has been the Seals line. Generally, P&H cockpit Sizing is 1.4.

Seals Sprayskirts - Neoprene Sprayskirts (sealsskirts.com)

I've found the Pro Shocker is very durable. 

They offer sizing options in tunnel girth and at least used to offer both 9" and 6" tunnel height (special order). 

Seals Sprayskirts - Sizing (sealsskirts.com)

Good luck!



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Hi Barb,

recently ordered the Seals Surf Neoprene with the shorter 6 inch tunnel.  This shorter tunnel is a custom request & increases the cost over the standard by approximately $25.  You can order them from various places, I used 


I was told it would take a month or so before I would receive it.  The kayak boots I ordered were in stock and came right away.  I have ordered hatch covers from them in the past & the service was good/accurate.

Best, Sue

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I also like Seals and last I checked they're made in America. I have a Seals 1.4 for the Volan which fits well. I also prefer the 6" tunnel, especially with the drysuit that has the fold down flap. Remember we have a club discount at OutdoorPlay. 


Also it's great to bring up this important safety issue. If you can't free the skirt in two quick movements it's a problem. Alternatively it's worth practicing pulling it off from the side in case the loop got buried or leaving through the tunnel if all else fails. 

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Thanks Mike.  And thanks for the links too David.  I would like to use Outdoorplay to get the 15% break ("".  Thanks Mike H.).     I am not seeing on topkayaker or Outdoorplay how to order the 6" tunnel and their messaging is off so I will keep trying to contact them.   

I am also not sure what size tunnel I should get having only used the velcro tunnel cause my son's smalls are way, way to tight. 

I've no waist so sitting w clothes on and especially my drysuit I'm probably gonna need a Large tunnel.   If anyone is coming to  Prudence's New Year paddle who has a Seals skirt- medium or Large, may I please just try it on for fit?


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Seals large tunnel is 33-35". I find I need a lot bigger than expected to go on over drysuit and layers.


If I remember right when I wanted a custom tunnel and color I talked to seals first and then went to the retailer. Don't be surprised if they won't extend the discount on a custom order. 

Edit: I just noticed Seals only lists one online seller for custom orders:


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I got my custom Seals skirt from Kayak Center Rhode Island - they also gave me an NSPN membership discount. Maybe 10-15%? You'll have to call or go in person to order.

It's a 6 inch tall medium tube. If I come to the paddle I'll bring it for you to try on.

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