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2023 Haverhill pool sessions


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Pool sessions at the Haverhill High School for the 2023 winter season are now available for purchase in the Store.  Details to sign up are under the calendar listings for each date.

The dates for the sessions are

     January 14, 21, 28
     February 4, 18
     March 4, 18, 25

     April 1

All sessions this year are on Saturday from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.  Each session is limited to 10 boats.

These sessions are offered as a benefit to paid members of NSPN, and therefore are only available to active members. We are required to have insurance in order to use the pool facilities, so we are using the ACA club insurance program. You need to sign the online ACA Liability Waiver for 2023 here.  Each pool session spot will cost $30, plus $10 if you are not an ACA member.

These sessions are a great way to keep existing skills active over the cold winter months or work on new skills for the upcoming paddling season.  Although NSPN does not offer official instruction, many members are willing to offer whatever assistance they can while they are at the pool.  However, if you would like to pay for professional instruction, you can seek out an instructor directly, either from NSPN members (some of who are actually certified!) or from other professional instructors.

You'll need a kayak, paddle, sprayskirt, and lifejacket.  You'll likely want a mask and maybe a paddle float.  Light neoprene clothing works well, both to keep warm and to keep down the bruises on your legs from jumping in and out of your boat.

We'll be in close contact while practicing rescues.  Same day testing for Covid is required.

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Covid test required
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Thanks for organizing this,Mike.  Everyone appreciates it!

And I’d like to second Mike’s comment about considering testing before each session.  Having gotten Covid along with many others at a mostly outdoor kayak event, I am now too familiar with how easily Covid it can spread!

Looking forward to seeing folks upside  down in warm(ish) water in the new year!



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50 minutes ago, Doug Cooke said:

I would like to brush up on my roll. Is anyone available for one or two sessions to support that request? 

Doug, that's what we're all there for.  Nobody can practice rolling for two hours straight.  We all help each other.

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Availability (as of March 27):

Jan 14   sold out
Jan 21   2 available
Jan 28  1 available
Feb 4   sold out
Feb 18   sold out
Mar 4  cancelled
Mar 18   sold out
Mar 25   3 available
Apr 1     4 available

Remember that if you're going you need to sign the online ACA Liability Waiver for 2023 here.  This is a special NSPN link.  You only need to sign once for all 2023 pool sessions and skills sessions.

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